Tablo reveals his paternal thoughts for Haru and her future

Tablo revealed what he would feel when his daughter became old enough to have a boyfriend of her own!

When a caller called in during his radio show, 'Tablo's Dreaming Radio', complaining about a daughter going crazy over a boy, Tablo mentioned his own daughter, Haru, and her endless love for G-Dragon.

"When Haru gets older and gets a boyfriend, no matter which guy she brings home, my heart is going to hurt a bit," he told the caller. "It would happen with any guy, but I think he should at least be on the level of G-Dragon. I would be thankful if that happened," he said, laughing and showing off a photo of the two of them together.

Meanwhile, Haru's one-sided love seems to have paid off as she got to give him a kiss on the cheek earlier!

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