Yeon Woo Jin chooses Jung Yoo Mi as his ideal type

MBC invited the 'Tunnel 3D' actors onto the August 6th edition of 'Radio Star' where Yeon Woo Jin revealed that his co-star Jung Yoo Mi was his ideal type.

The MCs brought up the fact that he mentioned in the pre-interview that he really liked women who were like Jung Yoo Mi. The actor had also said that if he were to date, he would want to freely have a publicized relationship. Yeon Woo Jin clarified, saying he would have to ask his girlfriend and gestured unintentionally toward Jung Yoo Mi, which the MCs noticed and teased him for.

When asked about his ideal type appearance-wise, Yeon Woo Jin said, "I like somebody who has Asian features like Jung Yoo Mi."

Jung Yoo Mi said her ideal type was a man who was like a friend, meaning somebody with whom she felt comfortable as she easily gets burdened by men who treat her too well. When asked about Yeon Woo Jin, she said that he was a very good person and easy to communicate with.

Will you be shipping this couple?

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