Lee Kuk Ju describes her ideal type and wants to do a ramen CF on 'Entertainment Relay'

Comedian Lee Kuk Ju brought laughs on KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay'!

Lee Kuk Ju shared her wish to film a ramen CF and sent a video message to ramen advertisers, sharing, "Other actors and celebrities are all fake. They eat it and say that its tasty, but then they all spit it out. I don't spit it out. I don't throw out food so it's me! You have to take me to film your ramen CF!"

Lee Kuk Ju also surprised viewers by sharing that it's been 9 years since her debut and commented on her sudden popularity, "I think it added up. The things I showed here and there came together and became a big thing."

She also shared her ideal type, "I used to be picky about a guy's visuals, but now I like charming guys. [I like a] rugged guy like the ones who grab your wrists in the dramas and are able to push me."

Also stay tuned for Lee Kuk Ju's entrance on 'Roommate' this Sunday!

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