Henry viewed Min Hyo Rin as unattractive during the filming of 'Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra'?

During the press conference for upcoming music drama, 'Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra,' on January 6 at the Plaza Hotel, Henry talked about his fellow cast member, the beautiful Min Hyo Rin.

He said on this day, "I did music and loved music since I was young," which promptedPark Gwang Sun to ask, "What do you like best out of music, the military, and Min Hyo Rin?"

Henry replied, "I was viewing Min Hyo Rin as unattractive during filming.  Because of the role.  However, as soon as she arrived today, I said, 'Wow, daebak.'  She's really pretty today.  I did not think of her as the Min Hyo Rin I knew.  She even dances sexily."

If you want to see more Henry and Min Hyo Rin cuteness as well as figure out how it's possible he could ever view Min Hyo Rin as unattractive in the production, check out the drama, which begins on January 9!

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