Lee Ji Yeon's alleged roommate claims Lee Byung Hun had fun hanging out at their place

With the alleged text messages between model Lee Ji Yeon and actor Lee Byung Hun spreading like wildfire, the blackmailing controversy has reached a new level of public attention, especially as people note that the age difference between the two were 20 years with Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon's mother only 2 years apart and Lee Byung Hun and Dahee's mother the same age.  

To further confuse everybody about the relationship between the two, Lee Ji Yeon's roommate allegedly appeared on the SBS's 'Morning Wide' show on January 6 to say, "[I wondered why] there was a world star here... in our one-room residence.... I remember that when they were together, they played really well.  Lee Byung Hun said it was fun to hang out with [Lee Ji Yeon]."

In response, agency BH Entertainment stated, "We will find the source that intentionally provided such reports and information before the sentence [in the trial] is made and will take firm action."

Netizens responded to this news with, "It's embarrassing to see," and, "I wonder why he went to a woman's one-room residence."

In addition, her parents recently talked to a media outlet once again to say, "Our daughter had no thoughts on dating Lee Byung Hun from the beginning.  She became close to him because it was fascinating that a top star like Lee Byung Hun would ask to meet up and she wondered if it might help her as a celebrity because he was a senior in the business. As Lee Byung Hun treated her well with good manners and consistently contacted her, her heart opened up a bit later, we think.  Ji Yeon is no pushover, so she probably said they should settle things."

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