CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Verbal Jint send support to Phantom's Hanhae for his solo album

Following Block B's support video, CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Verbal Jint sent a support video to Phantom's Hanhae for his upcoming solo album!

In the video that was uploaded on January 28, Yonghwa said, "Hanhae's album '365,' and the title track "Man of the Year," congratulations! When it gets released, I will listen to it right away. Congratulations again and please promote well from now on." In addition to Yonghwa's heartfelt comment to Hanhae, Verbal Jint was seen holding up a water bottle with a picture of Yonghwa, drawing out laughter from the viewers for his indirect promotion. 

Fans of Hanhae also showed support via Twitter and tweeted, "We'll definitely watch!" and "I got excited when I heard the teaser.

In relation to Hanhae's first solo album, Brand New Music stated, "From Block B to Yonghwa, many musicians have showed support for Hanhae. He has been preparing for the album for a year and will be released on January 30. Please support and anticipate his solo album." 

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