Actress Park Ha Sun is a victim of pickpocketing in Europe

Actress Park Ha Sun is the next victim of pickpocketing in Europe.  Previously, singer Ivy relayed her frustrations when she realized she had been pickpocketed in Paris, France. Following her, Park Ha Sun revealed the same thing had happened to her during her vacation in Rome, Italy.

On September 7, she wrote via Instagram, "Even though I said would wear my bag and be careful from now on after hearing rumors, personal experiences, and even reading the articles on Ivy before leaving the country, I was pickpocketed in Rome... The feeling of a hand near my stomach raised goosebumps, so I looked and my bag zipper was completely open; it's a relief we caught [the pickpocketer], but you need to be careful when somebody sticks to you from the side or talks to you in a hurry!  The person's unforgettable face . . . Even though it might be annoying, put a lock on each bag!"

It's a relief she caught the guy!
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