Hong Jin Young is asked about her relations with Son Ho Joon

Singer Hong Jin Young was asked about her good friend and actor Son Ho Joon during her appearance on SBS radio program 'Cultwo Show' on September 4.  The DJs seem to be hinting at something...

Kim Tae Kyun said to her, "Is it okay if your boyfriend is a celebrity?" and she replied, "The occupation does not matter to me whatsoever."

Jung Chan Woo then pounced on this with, "If so, what's your relationship with Son Ho Joon?  I heard that you guys talk to each other everyday; is this true?"

She explained, "Both our hometowns are Gawngju, Jeollado.  Since we were young, he was a close oppa in the neighborhood... Thanks to Son Ho Joon, I got closer to Yunho ... It is true that I talk to [Son Ho Joon] everyday, but we do not consider each other as the opposite gender at all.  He really treats me like his younger brother."

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