Kim Young Kwang lightheartedly talks about 'copying' Lee Kwang Soo's hairstyle

Do model-turned-actors Kim Young Kwang and Lee Kwang Soo look alike after the former got his new hairstyle?

The press conference for JTBC's disaster drama, 'D-Day,' took place at the Imperial Palace's Selana Hall in Seoul on September 15, where Kim Young Kwang brought up the 'Running Man' giraffe, namely because of his new hairdo.

"I hear a lot of people say that I copied Lee Kwang Soo," the actor stated.  "Personally, that makes me happy hearing that. I also like my hairstyle."  After the laughter died down, he continued, "In order to express my character, I saw that there was no time to touch my hair because [my character] is someone who stays in the emergency room.  In order to come off like I'm a bit unkempt and don't care [about my appearance], I permed my hair."

Well we can't say who looks better with this permed, unkempt hairstyle. Let's just say it suits both of them!
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