Actress Cho Hye Jung's agency says she's having a hard time due to 'Imaginary Cat' casting hate

Actress Cho Hye Jung is reported to be going through a difficult time due to the hate she's receiving after being cast as the female lead of the upcoming drama 'Imaginary Cat'.

Though there were reports that she had deleted her Instagram and social networking accounts due to netizen criticism, her agency has clarified that she hasn't and gave an update on how she's handling the situation. Cho Hye Jung's label said, "She hasn't deleted her SNS, but she's decided to temporarily close it. She's been going through a very difficult time recently."

As previously reported, Choi Hye Jung has been cast in 'Imaginary Cat' alongside Yoo Seung Ho. Many have taken issue with her casting in the drama as she's considered a rookie actress, while others have suggested that it was her famous father, who she appeared with on SBS' 'Take Care of My Dad', that gave her an unfair advantage.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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