Lee Da Hae cast as a top star in Korean-Chinese drama 'Couple of the Century'

Actress Lee Da Hae has been cast in another Korean-Chinese collaborative drama, establishing herself as a Hallyu star.

She has been cast in the drama, 'Couple of the Century,' in which she will be a top star Choi Hwan Young who has lived in the top 1% of society because she had to have everything she wanted.  As the heir to an enterprise that specializes in fashion, she started off as an idol girl group member before establishing her name as an actress. Despite her great success and popularity, she is unable to trust in others and open herself up to the people around her due to an inner scar.

The drama will be a romantic comedy on her search for sincere love after she finds herself locked in a contractual marriage.  Lee Da Hae will enter into filming in the middle of this month for a premiere in the end of December through China's Alibaba and then next year through China's Hunan TV.

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