Mad Town's Buffy is dating G-Friend's Eunha?

Could there be a new idol couple? This may be the case after a few photos were posted online but then quickly deleted.

On October 16, Mad Town member Buffy had uploaded two pictures with G-Friend's Eunha that raised speculation the two idols are dating. The pictures were uploaded unto Mad Town's official Instagram account along with the captions: "date," "lovestagram," and "girlfriend." The latter caption could be talking about Eunha's group name but fans were intrigued by "date" and "lovestagram." The pictures weren't on the account for long as they were quickly deleted but not before netizens had captured the photos.

Some fans believe that they could be dating while other believe it could simply be media play to bring more attention for their potential comeback. Mad Town recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and revealed that they are actively preparing for their comeback.

What do you think? An honest mistake by Buffy and the two could be dating or media play?

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