Rainbow's Hyunyoung and Alex reported to be in a relationship

There might be another celebrity couple out there, because Clazziquai's Alex and Rainbow's Hyunyoung are reported to be in a relationship!

According to a news outlet, the two were said to have met earlier this year through acquaintances and then started dating.
Their mutual friend stated, "Alex and Hyunyoung have been dating for four months. Alex liked Hyunyoung, and Hyunyoung accepted Alex's feelings. From that point on, they didn't worry too much about being careful with those around them and are enjoying dating."

They added, "Alex brought Hyunyoung to his concert's staff dinner and introduced her as his girlfriend. They're such a cute couple."

This is another couple with a large age gap, 12 years to be exact.

Hyunyoung's company has so far stated that they are in the process of confirming the news.

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