Red Velvet's Joy says BTOB's Sungjae has gotten manlier on 'We Got Married'

Red Velvet's Joy commented that BTOB's Sungjae has gotten manlier on the October 17 installment of 'We Got Married'.

The young couple went to get driving lessons, and when Joy commented that the weather was a bit too hot, Sungjae didn't hesitate to take action. She said, "The sunshine is too strong," and Sungjae responded by covering her from the sun. Joy added, "Oppa's gotten manlier these days. You're usually just cute."

Also on the episode, Joy managed to pass the basic driving test, while Sungjae had no problem passing his advanced driving test.

Congrats to the Joy-Sungjae couple! Do you think Sungjae has gotten more manly?

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