Park Seo Joon gives back to fans with a White Day event he planned himself

For White Day, actor Park Seo Joon had something special in store for fans! 

Turns out, Park Seo Joon has been busy planning a special White Day even all the way from March 9 to March 14. The actor's not-so-discreet planning was revealed on Key East's official Facebook page, where we get a direct peek into Park Seo Joon's motive behind this event. 

In a short video clip revealed on March 14 (right on White Day!), Park Seo Joon is seen assembling goodie bags, stuffing plastic bags full of colorful candies and snacks. The actor explained, "I've always received from you guys but for this White Day, I want to give back with a special event. I hope that for everyone who receives the goodies, it'll remain a special memory. I hope that you will spend time with loved ones, and I'll continue to show an improved self through 'Hwarang: The Beginning.'"
Among the people who had submitted their stories to receive the goodie bags, they ultimately went to one lucky high school's teacher and students whose story was selected by Park Seo Joon himself. Lucky for them right? They got free candies and met the one and only Park Seo Joon! 

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