A fan enters BTOB's Eunkwang in a prize drawing and Eunkwang's name actually gets chosen

Upcoming event Seoul Dessert Fair has been carrying on several rounds of Twitter giveaways to allow fans to earn free tickets, and it looks like BTOB's Eunkwang will be attending, albeit seemingly against his will! 

On April 21, @seoul_dessert took to their Twitter to reveal, "Hello, this is Seoul Dessert Fair. It seems that for the following event's random name drawing, idol group member Seo Eun Kwang nim's Twitter id, mentioned by a fan's retweet, has been chosen... T.T"

A few hours later, Eunkwang took to his Twitter personally to inquire about his alleged prize win, writing, "@seoul_dessert Excuse me, I heard that I won a prize from a giveaway event, is this true :'D"

The Dessert Festival retweeted, "Yes, your twitter id, written on a fan's twitter profile, was randomly chosen. If you like desserts, we've love to invite you as a VIP guest for our Seoul Dessert Festival... We have the most desserts of anywhere else in the world, so please visit TT And we apologize for inflicting discomfort this late at night." 

Eun Kwang replied with, "No need to apologize! I should be thankful kekeke. If I have some time the day of the festival, I'll come visit, whoo hoo~"

Fans have found the event hilarious and adorable, saying, "His life is a sitcom kekekeke." 

Maybe Eunkwang's life really is a sitcom!

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