Fans are demanding an apology from Taeyeon for the postponement of her solo concert

Recently SM Entertainment announced that the 'Taeyeon, Butterfly Kiss' solo concert was postponed, and the delay is leading to mixed reactions from fans.

Some fans showed understanding as they said, "Is Taeyeon okay? Maybe she's sick..", "It's alright! Not totally cancelled. We will be waiting!", "I am worried.. Hope everything works out!", and more.

On the other hand, some fans found the delay unacceptable as they responded, "She should apology or at least give an explanation to fans directly instead of just SM making an announcement like that", "Isn't it obvious that people are going to be angry if the concert gets cancelled like this? Where is the apology", etc.

Taeyeon's concert was originally scheduled for April 23-24. However, it has been postponed for "better quality".

What are your thoughts on the delay?

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