Fans worry that YG Entertainment is ruining Kang Dong Won's image

Lately news about Kang Dong Won has been frequently popping up here and there. You probably think his fans are thrilled to hear more about him, but in reality it's the complete opposite. Ever since he joined YG Entertainment, fans think his privacy is overly exposed, and that it is ultimately ruining his image.  

Fans claim that Kang Dong Won is known to be an actor with a mysterious charm. He was never exposed to the public other than for promotion purposes. The actor has also stated in the past that he favors having thick boundaries between his work and private life. 

However, things have changed lately. Kang Dong Won has been frequently spotted in pictures with YG Entertainment labelmate CL at parties as well as traveling. Yang Hyun Suk also shared a picture of the actor visiting the YG office in the U.S. The constant pictures and updates about him is quite unusual and not like himself. 

For this reason, Kang Dong Won's fans are furious at YG, commenting, "Kang Dong Won has never ever uploaded pictures at parties, and he's hanging out with musicians who are non-relevant to him. Why is YG forcing him to go to places like that and keep sharing his private life", "YG is a huge mistake. I Hate it. Hate it Hate it!!", "Kang Dong Won himself would never share pictures of him traveling with a girl idol member. So not like himself", etc. 

Kang Dong Won's mysterious image is supposedly being ruined by YG. Do you think the actor is really going through a negative change? 

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