'KBS News' crew are overwhelmed by Song Joong Ki's presence at their headquarters

The KBS News crew were beside themselves with excitement when Song Joong Ki alighted their headquarters with his top star aura and killer flower boy charisma. 

When the actor arrived at the official headquarters of KBS News on Wednesday, pictures of him were uploaded real-time on the news program's official Twitter. With a standup guy like Song Joong Ki, I think this sort of special star treatment is well in order. 

The actor arrived in a clean, sharp suit, wearing a shy smile and remaining polite all throughout his visit. Song Joong Ki's visit to KBS News headquarters was not only a big deal because he's such a popular star but also because he was the first ever celebrity to appear on 'KBS News9'! 

'KBS News9' reeled in a real good catch! 

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