Lee Hyori now lives in a different home due to annoying visitors

On April 14, media outlet Wow TV reported that Lee Hyori has moved to a different home on Jeju Island. The house in Sogil-ri, Jeju-do is not put out for sale, but the Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon couple no longer reside at that location. 

The reason behind the move is claimed to be the excessive amount of tourists visiting the celebrity couple's house. In the past, Lee Hyori has made several announcements and warnings toward the unwelcome visitors. As a result, rumors about her selling the Jeju house surfaced, but she soon denied it. 

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon might not have sold their home, but it seems they did make a move to live away from tourists. 

We hope Lee Hyori and her husband can have privacy in their new home.

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