Netizens call EXO's Kai out for 'putting on a show' in a wheelchair and crutches

On April 8, the boys of EXO were spotted leaving for a Chinese music award ceremony at Inchon International Airport. 

Among the members, EXO's Kai, who recently confirmed dating news with f(x)'s Krystal, was seen being escorted in a wheelchair, his left leg wrapped in a half cast, holding onto a pair of crutches. Kai's leg was reportedly injured during concert rehearsals back in March.

Some netizens who spotted Kai in his wheelchair, appeared to express discontentment toward the idol, calling him out for "putting on a show".

Many netizens pointed out that they had re-wrapped the half cast on top of Kai's skinny jeans, saying, "It looks like a half cast, so why is he in a wheelchair and why does he need crutches and how in the world did he put on skinny jeans?" and "A cast over his pants kekekeke So he can't take his pants off anymore?" 

Others pointed out that on the day his dating news with Krystal broke out, he had been fine out playing pool with best friend Taemin, commenting, "Wow who knew he'd be this lame. He crossed his legs fine at the pool bar what's with the wheelchair all of a sudden" and "He seemed fine crossing his legs at the pool bar... is he a politician or something now?" 

Take a look at Kai at the airport below. What are your thoughts on Kai's 1st public appearance since his dating news with Krystal? 

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