Sulli is not wearing any underwear in her recent Instagram update?

On April 16, Sulli updated her Instagram with a video and a picture. She is spotted wearing an oversized white blouse with a dandelion in her hand. Several fans are amazed by her gorgeousness, while some netizens are once again disturbed by her post. 

This time netizens claim that Sulli is not wearing a bra underneath the shirt. Some even say that she's not wearing any bottoms. The reason is due to her oversized shirt, loosely covering her in the necessary places. Evidently, in her photo, her left shoulder and even a bit of her chest is shown.

Netizens wrote, "Hul, she's not even wearing a bra", "You're out in public. Please get your mind together", "Is she not wearing a bra? Eh.. but gotta admit. She is pretty",etc. 

What do you think of Sulli's outfit? 

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