Taeyeon blocks a fan who told her she looks like Jo Kwon on Instagram?

A fan claimed that she has been blocked by Girls' Generation's Taeyeon after leaving a a comment on her Instagram post. On April 11, the fan posted a screenshot on an online community with a caption that read, "I commented that she looks like 2AM's Jo Kwon in one of her posts, and then she immediately blocked me hahahaha she must have been mad."

Other netizens then responded, "But if that's the case, then how about all the other people who left offensive comments? Maybe her fans just reported you?","Taeyeon herself admitted that she looks like him. I don't think she will actually block a fan for that", "Do you think celebrities have time to read each comment and block haters? Don't overthink it. Fans or others who saw your dumb comment reported you", etc.
Whether or not Taeyeon actually blocked the fan, this is just another reminder that everyone should be nicer on social media.

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