TWICE are copying SHINee's official fan club color?

Following TWICE's recent comeback with "Cheer Up", fans have noticed that the color of TWICE's new light sticks are strangely familiar. 

Photos of TWICE's new light stick to be used by fan club ONCE for their "Cheer Up" promotions have surfaced alongside photos of SHINee's various light sticks, from plain, long ones to official concert ones. 

Fans couldn't help but bring up the fact that the color of TWICE's new light sticks are"not just similar, they're basically the same." 

While some fans have approached the recent topic with alarm, sharing comments such as, "Panic Panic Panic...""Hul, this is kind of not okay""All you can think of when you see that color is SHINee", and more, others have responded with clarifications. 

ONCE are stepping up to calm the alarm of SHINee World by saying, "They're only temporary light sticks to be used at their comeback showcase!" and "They were given out by JYP for their showcase, last time they were different too." 

Some Shawol still seem suspicious, replying, "They always say they're temporary at first but then they naturally end up making them official...""Even if it's temporary, it's still not okay... it's too similar...", and "We'll trust that they will be temporary and only temporary." 

More and more idol groups are debuting, and there are only so many colors in the rainbow! What do you make out of this recent situation? 

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