Seventeen's Junghan beats Hyeri, ChoA, and more, and ranks #1 as idol with best bob hair!

Who could beat Seventeen's Junghan and his gorgeous bob-hair cut?

According to the results from mobile app 'Idol Champ', Junghan was voted #1 as the idol to induce the 'bob syndrome'! The 'bob syndrome' describes a strong desire to cut one's hair into a short bob after being inspired by others! 

The app asked users the question, "Which idol is the #1 cause of the bob syndrome?" The results revealed Junghan as the dominant, leading cause, with 50.1% of the total votes. 

This is about 30% more votes received than the 2nd place winner, Girl's Day's Hyeri. In addition, Junghan also beat out VIXX's LeoLovelyz's JinAOA's ChoA, and other idol stars with his signature, gorgeous bob.  

Do you agree with the results of the poll?

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