SM to form a 'K-Pop International School'

SM Entertainment has a 'K-Pop International School' in the works, the opening date for which is set tentatively for early next year in Seoul's Gangnam District. This special school is being planned by SM Entertainment in conjunction with Jongro Academy, and will house around 300~400 students. 

The formation of this school is an alternative type of school that will teach foreign students and aspiring celebrities subjects such as the Korean language, Math, and English, along with applied music and dance. 

70% of the matriculated students will be exchange students from foreign countries such as China, and 30% will be aspiring Hallyu star hopefuls within Korea. 

SM and Jongro Academy started holding promotional events starting in November in order to explain the enrollment process, and they will be hosting foreign exchange students who wish to study and engage in celebrity activities at the same time. They will also the start recruiting students within Korea the same way.

Applied music and dance will be taught by SM while Jongro Academy will teach the regular curriculum and provide general educational guidance.

Though the school will start off as an alternative school, SM and Jongro plan to transform it into an international school in the future. 

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