Jay Park is asked if he's envious of LOCO and GRAY's success

AOMG's Jay Park and Ugly Duck made a guest appearance on the July 22 broadcast of 'Sketchbook,' promoting their recent singles and talking about fellow label mates LOCO and GRAY

Ugly Duck, who appeared on 'Sketchbook' for the first time, mused, "It's fascinating to be on a stage I've only seen lying on my back at home [through TV]." The rapper also took the opportunity to explain his odd name, saying, "At first, I just used that name because it sounded cool. But after people saw my face, they agreed with my name choice," bringing laughter with his self-diss. 

Jay Park added, "I didn't like people with facial hair but thanks to Ugly Duck, I came to like it more," and complimented him further with, "[Ugly Duck] is someone who makes meaningful music. He does music that matches him and there is authenticity behind [his music]." 

When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked him whether he feels any sort of rivalry with fellow label mates LOCO and GRAY, Jay Park denied it, saying, "Not at all. Two years ago, I had to pull out all the stops just to get them on 'Sketchbook' and many people didn't know who they were so I'm happy they're doing so well now." 

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