Netizens suspect f(x) have already renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment?

After media outlets spread the news that f(x)'s contract with SM Entertainment will come to an end this September, many f(x) fans, or Me U, have been nervous to see whether or not the members will renew their contracts or not. 

It seems that some netizens, after connecting a few dots, are claiming that the f(x) ladies have actually already renewed their contracts with SME. 

Several weeks ago, f(x)'s Luna uploaded a word of comfort for Me U, addressing fans' concerns for the possibility of the group's disbandment. Her Instagram post read, "Don't worry Me U. f(x) will return with a better image and a better song for Me U. You've trusted us these past 7 years, so keep trusting us, okay? We love you." 

According to Luna, the post was uploaded to comfort fans after talking the matter over with all 4 members. 

Later, in a recent interview, Luna was asked about her Instagram post, to which she answered, "We thought it was the right thing to do for our fans. Because the members have such active promotions in China, misunderstandings arose. That post was uploaded after talking it over with the members. One of the members even said, 'do we have to post something like that, when we know we're not disbanding?'. But since SNS is a personal space, I thought it I should at least be addressed once."

Fans further claimed that even though the group's contract ends in September, f(x)'s schedule calendar states group schedules have already been planned as far as November. 

What do you think of netizens' claims?

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