Bada rumored to be creating her own agency with her boyfriend

Singer Bada was rumored to have left her agency in preparation for her own one-person agency run by herself and her nine-year-younger boyfriend.  

She personally addressed the reports via Instagram on October 17: "I was also a bit shocked when I saw the report that just came out.  It is not true that my boyfriend and I made a one-person agency.  I'm writing this because fans seem concerned.  It is true that the 1-year original contract with The Ocean Entertainment ended on good terms.  I'm still mulling over my future plans.  

"I will prudently think about it and make a decision, so all of you, I'd be grateful if didn't worry too much and kept giving me support in the future and watching over me.  I'm always grateful for you fans."  

Stay tuned to see which agency she will join!

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