Seventeen's performance team get together for 'Dazed' pictorial

Seventeen's performance team got together for a moody pictorial with 'Dazed' magazine!

The performance team, consisting of HoshiJunThe8, and Dino, posed with charisma for the magazine's upcoming November issue, opening up about their dreams in the interview portion. When asked what their dreams were, the performance team surprised the interviewer with their own, unique answers. 

Jun elaborated on his dreams with, "We have way too many dreams. When we go to bed and wake up the next morning, we have new dreams. We try to live to the fullest by setting our sights on those dreams. Rather than being a star, it's better to be content with yourself, which is happiness." Hoshi said about his dreams, "I want Seventeen to succeed so I can give back to my parents. I want Seventeen to win #1 on all of the music shows, and I want the members to be together for a long time", while Dino said, "I want to become an artist who will go down in history. I want that name to be Seventeen." Finally, The8 answered, "It's my dream for Seventeen to promote together for a long time. I also want to achieve the dream of being a 'super star', which used to be a very faraway dream."

Take a look at the performance team's pictorial below!

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