Sohee shares lessons she learned from her past Wonder Girls days in 'InStyle'

Rising actress Sohee shared about her past Wonder Girls days in 'InStyle'.

For her upcoming movie 'Single Rider', the cast and crew traveled to Australia for filming, which made Sohee reminisce about her past days in New York for Wonder Girls promotions. On what she learned from those experiences, Sohee said, "I think I became a more flexible and confident person by experiencing different cultures and people. Back then, I wasn't able to fully enjoy the moment because I was so busy running toward my dream, and I do regret that somewhat."

Reflecting back on her Wonder Girls days, Sohee said, "I lived a different life than my peers because I debuted at such young age of 14. Now as a 25-year-old, I want to live a life that suits my age and create a lot of memories."

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