Unicorn talks about making a comeback after losing a member

Unicorn, a group sporting a unique, girl-next-door concept, met up with 'International bnt' for an in-depth photoshoot.  

Unicorn debuted back in September of 2015 and has already welcomed their 1 year anniversary, with some changes. In the interview during the photo shoot, the group discussed what they'd been up to lately. 

The girls said that they no longer live together in a dorm because they don't have many schedules. One member stated, "Living together is different from just meeting up to practice, so we always tried to be considerate of one another and never fight. Back then, we weren't close to one another like we are now. Because we tried to avoid arguing, we grew distant. We talked less and hung out outside more. It is not uncomfortable to go outside because no one recognizes us on the streets. Only our friends know that we are idols." Rumi commented, "My friends don't care that I am an idol and they're just envious that I am thin," making everyone laugh. 

Regarding a member that left the group, one member said, "As we practiced with only 4 members, we felt the emptiness of Winnie. A member leaving a group is always something sparking curiosity and worry, no matter what the reason might be. Even though she did not leave because of any conflicts, whenever we were asked about it, we became discouraged. We talk about it and try to become stronger." 

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