WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun and actress Jung Ryeo Won are wrapped up in dating rumors

WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun and actress Jung Ryeo Won have become wrapped up in some dating rumors.

An exclusive report by Xports News claimed that Nam Tae Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won met each another through a friend and quickly became close due to their similar interests in art. Their relationship then grew romantically, and the two have been dating for approximately one year, the report said. 

It also stated that the couple continued to enjoy public dates after Nam Tae Hyun announced he would be halting his promotions with WINNER for the time being due to a mental health issue. The two were supposedly spotted on a date at a cafe in Shinsa-dong, Gangnam several days ago. 

Currently, Jung Rye Won is 35 years-old while Nam Tae Hyun is 22 years of age. Their 13-year age gap added even more shock to the recently sparked dating rumors. 

However, Jung Rye Won's label quickly denied the reports, and stated, "Nam Tae Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won are just friends. They are not dating. We are startled by the news."

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