Kang Dong Won talks about Kim Woo Bin's touchiness

Aaaand so was born millions of new fan fiction.

On the recent airing of 'Entertainment Relay,' co-stars of movie 'Master,' Lee Byung HunKang Dong Won, and Kim Woo Bin, sat down for an interview.  

Kim Woo Bin was the youngest of the three and said, "I felt a lot of burden on set.  I thought to myself that I was second from the bottom out of the genius actors, so thought only I had to do well when filming."

The MC asked if he was the type to have aegyo when with veteran actors. Kim Woo Bins aid, "I don't have aegyo, but I like skinship."

Kang Dong Won concurred with, "Kim Woo Bin is the affectionate style.  He touches us often," making everyone laugh.

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