'This Week, My Wife Is Cheating' team celebrates BoA's birthday on set!

BoA seems to have some awesome co-workers on the set of her drama, 'This Week, My Wife Is Cheating'

BoA, whose birthday is November 5, uploaded a video on Instagram that shows the staff and actors of the drama celebrating her birthday with a cute birthday cake and a song! The person holding the cake seems to be actor Lee Sang Yup, who is also starring in the drama. He sings, "Happy birthday, dear Writer Kwon," referring to BoA's role as a TV show script writer in the drama. 

BoA wishes for the drama to be successful before blowing out the candle and looks super happy to be loved by her staff members. In the Instagram post, she wrote, "Surprised~~ Our staffs are the best~ Thank you~ Early birthday cake~"

Happy birthday, BoA! 

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