Fantagio says actress Kang Han Na has been MIA since 4 months ago

Actress Kang Han Na has reportedly cut off all contact with her label Fantagio.

OSEN reported that back on April 11, when Kang Han Na had a scandal with Chinese celebrity Darren Wang, she had spoken through the label saying she was not dating Darren Wang. However, a week later when they were spotted together again, she cut off all contact with Fantagio. Her contract originally lasts until 2020, but allegedly, she sent the label a certification of contents and is currently promoting individually with just her manager. 

In response, Fantagio said, "After we signed our exclusive contract with Kang Han Na in 2013, we have been diligently managing her drama, movie, endorsement, variety, and even Chinese schedules. In March, we received a one-directional notification from her saying she wanted to terminate our contract. We tried to contact her multiple times, but currently, we cannot contact her. She has been active by herself for the past 4 months. We have decided that this clearly breaks our contract, and we have currently submitted a lawsuit. We will continue to follow the lawful course. We are disappointed that we have worried all the fans who love Fantagio and our label artists, and we will work hard to fix this problem. Thank you."

What do you think will happen?

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