Shannon talks the pros and cons of having large breasts + describes her ideal type

Shannon talked about her body, ideal type, and more in her interview with 'International bnt'.

One of the questions in the interview asked Shannon to name her charm point. She picked her voluptuous body and said, "My big breasts aren't embarrassing but I tend to slouch or wear baggy shirts since [people's] eyes go toward that direction. But it also becomes a point that I can use to emphasize my body. There are pros and cons."

Next question regarded her ideal type and dating style. Shannon said, "I don't have much dating experience but based on the few, I think I get along well with someone who's the opposite." 

She explained, "I tend to be loud and playful. When I met someone similar, we collided. Sarcasism is English humor. I try to make people laugh but people who aren't close to me misunderstand my personality sometimes. When I met someone opposite - quiet and calm - I also became calm so fights didn't grow bigger." 

More of Shannon's interview can be found in 'International bnt'. 

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