Choreographer Lia Kim picks TWICE’s Momo as most talented idol dancer

Lia Kim, founder of 1MILLION Dance Studio, appeared on MBC’s “Idol Radio” on October 28 to talk about a variety of topics including her work as a K-pop choreographer and founder of 1MILLION Dance Studio in Seoul.

Lia Kim is a popular for providing dance training K-pop idols and trainees. Also Lia Kim has been the choreographer who is behind many memorable K-pop dance routines for hit songs such as Sunmi’s “Gashina”, TWICE’s “TT” and “Like Ooh-Ah”, and I.O.I’s “Very Very Very”.

She was asked to choose the best dancer among K-pop idols. Lia Kim picked TWICE’s Momo and didn’t hold back her praise and respect towards the 'dance machine'. She said: “TWICE’s Momo is like a dancer sent down from the gods. She’s really good. Not even a sponge can describe what Momo is like, she’s able to start dancing right after she watches a routine. She’s able to recreate a choreography with very little explanation. She’s even able to take a routine and add her own charms and quirks to upgrade it to the next level.”

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