Former BESTie member Hyeyeon to start a new career as a trot singer

Former BESTie member Hyeyeon has revealed her new career as a trot singer.

Earlier on today (October 25th), STAR Ent announced that Hyeyeon has signed a brand new contract with the company, upon leaving her previous agency YNB Entertainment. As a vocalist from her former group BESTie, the female singer has decided that she will start afresh, this time as a trot singer. According to STAR Ent, they recognized Hyeyeon's potentials four years ago, when the girl group member participated in Mnet's music program 'Trot X'.

Alongside Jang Yoon Jung and Hong Jin Young, Hyeyeon is expected to follow suit as the new generation's line-up of talented trot singers. At the earliest, Hyeyeon will announce her comeback as a re-debuting trot singer by the end of October.

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