Yang Hyun Suk announces big plans for WINNER's 3rd full album + iKON's 'New Kids' repackaged album comebacks

Papa YG has big plans for his male groups, and he revealed some of those plans to fans through his latest 'FROM YG' letter on October 30.

First, Yang Hyun Suk addressed fans' concerns regarding the continued delay of WINNER member Song Min Ho's 1st solo album. The producer explained, "Because it is his first full album, there needs to be smooth, active broadcast promotions for several weeks; however, [WINNER] have been booked with overseas concert tour dates nearly every weekend except for one from September through November. The upcoming Hong Kong concert on November 24 marks WINNER's final overseas show for a while, and so we determined that the best release date for Song Min Ho's 1st full album is Monday, November 26."

The next question asked Yang Hyun Suk: "Will there possibly be a WINNER comeback within this year?"

A: "Yes. After Song Min Ho's 1st full solo album promotions, we plan on releasing WINNER's 3rd full album. We will notify you of more specific details including news of [WINNER's] domestic encore concert through a later notice."

Finally: "What are iKON's plans for the remainder of this year?"

A: "In honesty, the reason iKON were able to release many songs this year was due to the fact that last year, during periods of inactivity in their domestic promotions, they were able to work on many songs. In other words, most songs released this year were songs completed last year. The 'New Kids' series has come to an end after 4 parts, so on the last day of this year, December 31, [iKON] plan on releasing the repackaged version of 'New Kids'; afterward, they will begin a new series beginning next year. There will be one new song and MV in the repackaged version of 'New Kids', but we do not plan on having official promotions."

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