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J.Y. Park announces his hot December concert

Get ready for one of the hottest concerts of the year. J.Y. Park's solo concert '2015 Bad Party STRIP' is coming!

The scandalous poster for the concert has been released, showing a sleek J.Y. Park along with the backside and bottom half of a woman in a garter. 

He'll go to a total of five cities for a total of 8 concerts, including Incheon on December 5, Busan on December 19, Daegu on December 20, Seoul from December 24-27, and Kwangju on December 31.
This year's "Who's Your Mama?" was a total hit, so you know J.Y. Park's also going to bring all that fun to his concert series.

Tickets go on sale through Interpark on October 23.

iKON hold fansignings to commemorate their debut half-album + BTS

iKON met with fans for their debut half-album!

The boys were at the Lotte Cinema Avenuel on the 17th and at the Shinchon U-PLEX Jade Hall on the 18th to meet their fans. It's the first fansigning since their debut, and it's something the boys held so they could meet closer with their fans. 260 fans who bought fans through the iKON popup store and the YG e-shop were invited to the fansignings.

Some fans even cried at seeing iKON, and iKON spent time with each and every fan that came up to them for a signature, laughing at their jokes and answering all their questions.

The group also held a fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan that they telecast on Naver. For those unable to attend the Japanese fanmeeting, the group has released a BTS clip of all the preparations.

IU to go on a domestic tour in Korea

IU will be embarking on a domestic tour in November!

Her label said, "It's a concert to commemorate the release of her 4th mini album. She'll be starting off on November 21st and 22nd at the Seoul Olympic Hall, and then go on over to Busan, Daegu, and Gwangju."

Her tour is fittingly called 'CHAT-SHIRE' after her 4th mini album, and she's preparing a lot since it's her first concert since 'REAL FANTASY' in 2012. She had a small-theater concert last year, but this is the first full-scale concert she's having in a while.

Ticket go on sale on the 26th.

Girls' Generation announce their 4th solo concert 'Phantasia'!

Get yourselves pumped for Girls' Generation's 4th solo concert!

'GIRLS' GENERATION 4th TOUR – Phantasia – in SEOUL' will take place on November 21 and 22 at Seoul's Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

And their 4th concert is well overdue, as their last one was nearly two and a half years ago in 2013. Their latest album 'Lion Heart' was a total hit, and we're sure fans are more than excited to see performances of all the songs in this album and more at the Phantasia concert.

Tickets go on sale on October 22 at 8pm KST through Yes24.

Big Bang reported to be a confirmed artist for the '2015 MelOn Music Awards'

According to recent reports, Big Bang is confirmed to join the artist lineup for the '2015 MelOn Music Awards' on November 7 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena!

According to a rep, the group was confirmed early on to appear at the award ceremony. Although they are busy taking on their schedules overseas, they were allegedly requested to appear two months beforehand by the 'MelOn Music Awards.'

On top of that, a rep disclosed to a media outlet, "Because Big Bang are confirmed to participate, it is predicted that other artists under YG will likewise take part." 

However, this news has not yet been confirmed by either MelOn or YG's side. 

Chanyeol covers John Legend's 'All of Me'

EXO's Chanyeol has uploaded a beautiful new cover onto his official Soundcloud!

Although he is not known as the strongest singer of the group, he proves through his covers that he is indeed a strong singer who should not be overlooked!  This latest cover  is of John Legend's "All Of Me," a beautiful love track that he perfectly takes on with his emotional singing.  Who can't fall in love with his slightly husky vocals?

Be captivated and fall in love with his voice by playing his cover below!

Fans express anger that Kim Soo Hyun was inconvenienced by poor event management in China

Fans are boiling with anger due to a recent snafu that greatly inconvenienced not only themselves but also their beloved star, Kim Soo Hyun.  Back on October 10, Kim Soo Hyun went to Zhengzhou, China in order to take part in a fan meeting as the model for a Chinese beverage company.  

However, due to the event's poor management and handling of the situation, he had to be on standby for over seven hours!  The fan meeting was supposed to start at 7 PM, but the host organization made a mistake, causing a 3-hour delay.  Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun had already been waiting since 3 PM.

As soon as he got on the stage, he apologized to his fans in Chinese.  On top of that, he participated in the event despite not being in the best condition, so he said toward his fans, "Be careful of catching a cold."

A fan who had been at the event stated, "My heart went out for Kim Soo Hyun who was doing his best, and seeing that hurt my heart."  

What happened was the fan meeting was originally supposed to open at a college, but upon hearing Kim Soo Hyun was coming, over a thousand fans came to the site. However, the organization had failed to secure permission for the space ahead of time and they did not have enough security guards, so they had received an order to cancel the event temporarily.

The organization then moved the event to a hotel nearby, but the circumstances were even poorer.  The location was not good and stage equipments had not been prepared. Ultimately, the event opened at 10 PM instead of 7 PM and lasted only 20 minutes.

Se7en confirms an additional date for his tenth anniversary tour in Japan

Se7en has confirmed an additional date for his tenth anniversary tour in Japan! 

The singer's agency, ELEVEN9, revealed on October 13, "We have added on another tour date for Se7en's last scheduled performance in TokyoBeginning at the end of September we started selling advance tickets to members of [Se7en's] Japanese fan club but due to their enthusiastic demand, we decided to add another date in Tokyo for November 9."

This tour is made even more special by the fact that it is Se7en's tenth anniversary since his debut in Japan and is meant for all the local Japanese fans who have cheered him on through his ups and downs. 

Se7en relayed, "I want to deliver a word of thanks to the Japanese fans who show me ardent love. I will try my utmost best to put on a performance that won't disappoint you. Please keep up your expectations for and support me even when I'm in Korea." 

Get ready for Block B in San Francisco, Chicago, & Los Angeles!

BBCs in the USA, get excited because Block B is coming to you!

The boys last visited America back in 2014 with concerts in NYC, Washington, DC, and Miami. Now, because so many more BBCs wanted to see them, the boys are coming back! This time they'll be going to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, for the BBCs that missed them last time.

EXO go down in history as first artist to hold a dome concert in Korea + D.O. covers Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend'

Korea's first ever dome stadium, the Gocheok Sky Dome in Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul officially opened on September 15, 2015. The boys of EXO held their '2015 EXO-Love Concert in Dome' at the venue on October 10 and made history as they now own the title of being the first artist to hold a dome concert in Korea.

The concert was planned as a thank you for fans after the releases of their million-seller second album 'EXODUS' and repackaged album 'Love Me Right.' More than 22,000 fans packed the newly christened dome and fans were in for a treat with a slew of wonderful performances. However, of all the performances, it appears D.O.'s cover of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" received the most attention from fans. A fancam of the performance was uploaded online and fans have been raving about how impressive D.O.'s performance was. Check it out below!

Block B's Zico to perform as special guest for American artist Miguel's concert in Korea

American artist and producer Miguel is coming into Korea for his 'WILDHEART' concert, and his special guest performer is none other than talented rapper Block B's Zico
Miguel will perform in Seoul on October 30 and November 1 at the Daeyang Hall inSejong University.

He's composed for some of the top American artists in the industry and won several awards for his R&B tracks. Miguel is a pretty big deal, so it's cool that Zico will be performing with him! Or is it an honor for Miguel to be performing with Zico?
Zico will join Miguel in both Seoul and Daegu for Miguel's 3rd world tour 'WILDHEART'. Stay tuned for updates!

Fans protest Starship is overworking Soyu

SISTAR fans are expressing indignation at the group's agency Starship Entertainment for forcing Soyu to adhere to a hectic schedule despite the singer's injuries. 

It all started online when some netizens pointed out Soyu's 'attitude' problem. On MBC's 'Arirang Grand Festival' which aired this past October 5, Soyu didn't look to be in her best condition, which had worried fans. Watching the group's performance of "Loving You," one can clearly see that Soyu isn't as energetic as the other members and that her expression looks pained. Some netizens had criticized, "She has no manners," blaming the singer's 'attitude.'

However, fans protested at the agency once discovering that Soyu was suffering from an injury and that she was forced to attend all schedules despite her less-than-ideal condition. SISTAR fans were quick to indicate that the agency was not being considerate enough towards Soyu. 

SISTAR fans are sending messages of support to Soyu, saying, "I hope Soyu feels better soon after receiving treatment," wishing for the singer to return with smiles the next time she steps on stage. 

Big Bang successfully wrap up concert in Mexico and make their way over to the east coast!

On October 7, Big Bang met their fans in Mexico for their 'MADE' tour, mobilizing over 15,000 fans and proving their immense popularity all over the globe! 

Tens of thousands of V.I.P's gathered at the Mexico City Arena in Mexico City to see their favorite group live and in the flesh! Big Bang started off the concert with a bang with one of their latest singles from the 'MADE' series, "Bang Bang Bang." Giant screens were said to have been set up on both sides of the stage so that fans sitting far away could gaze lovingly at the faces of their darling boys. 

Big Bang didn't forget to perform their other chart-topping hits such as "Bad Boy" and "Fantastic Baby." Of course, each member had a special corner to himself, performing songs including but not limited to "Crooked" and "Eyes, Nose, Lips." The fans sang along with much enthusiasm and vigor despite their short Korean, showing endless love for the members whom they may not meet again for a while. 

The group's 'MADE' tour is slowly drawing to a close in the Western Hemisphere but not before they make a stop on the east coast! Big Bang will be performing at the Prudential Center on October 10 and October 11. They will then make their way to Toronto for a performance at the Air Canada Centre on October 13. They will have three more performances in Australia before heading back to Asia.

Roy Kim to hold '2015 Roy Kim Year-End Concert'

Roy Kim will be spending the end of the year with his fans!

The singer will be holding the '2015 Roy Kim Year-End Concert' from December 18 until the 20th for a three-day concert at Seoul's Yonsei University. He also held a year-end concert, 'Our Winter #2', last year. 

Roy Kim has made sure to keep fans entertained with live stages, and this year, he's also promised to reveal a new song at '2015 Roy Kim Year-End Concert'.

Tickets open on October 13 through Interpark.

TGM Events 'official explanation of BTS' poorly managed 'Highlight Tour' creates even more uproar

As you might already know, BTS held their North American tour, the 'Highlight Tour' in San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta and Toronto last month. But instead of an amazing experience by all concertgoers, many ARMYwere in an uproar over poor management by the organizers, TGM Events.

There were several issues at every concert in all four cities, and TGM Events' Nadia has released a five page 'Statement of Clarification', uploaded in the form of images on their official Facebook page.

But this official statement does not appear to be fulfilling its original intention. Concertgoers are saying her explanation is filled with excuses and blaming of others, rather than a proper apology and admitting to a lack of planning and preparation.

What are your thoughts?

A Pink successfully wrap up their first Japan live tour

A Pink has successfully finished up their first live tour in Japan!

On October 4, the girls were at the Tokyo International Forum Hall for their 'A Pink 1st Live Tour 2015 - Pink Season' with 5,000 fans. The girls performed their Japanese singles from their debut Japanese album such as "No No No", as well as the Japanese version of their most recent hit "Remember". That's not all as the girls also sang their Korean hits as well.

The concert was broadcasted live in 50 theaters all over Japan, and 5,000 tickets to the live viewing were sold. Because seats were in such high demand, the girls will have an encore concert on October 12, which is also sold out.

iKON express their gratitude for their experience on 'WIN'

iKON expressed that their gratitude for the tough experience they had on the survival program 'WIN'. 
Many of you may remember that iKON was formed through YG Entertainment's idol survival show, 'WIN'. At their debut concert 'SHOWTIME' held on October 3, iKON's Junhoe shared, "To be honest, after 'WIN' finished, we wanted to stand on stage for a long time. It was really tiring."

He went on, "Now that I think about it after time has passed, I think that we were able to debut more prepared because of our experience back then. The members matured individually, and we gained experience. We're only thankful for having debuted now."

UNIQ to visit three countries for their one year anniversary tour!

Boy group UNIQ, will be holding a three-country tour in commemoration of their one-year anniversary! 

October 16 marks the official one-year anniversary of the group's inception. Starting on October 18 in Shanghai, the group plans to visit a total of three countries making their mark in China, Japan, and Korea. UNIQ, who debuted a year ago, is composed of both Chinese and Korean members. They may be a rookie group, but they sure are proving popular overseas with their upcoming tour. 

In the official promotional poster for the concert, the boys are looking dapper in matching old-fashioned, military style outfits, drawing excitement from the fans! 

Two YG Entertainment groups to take part as 'special guests' at iKON's debut concert!

Awww, now this is what we call YG Family love! They don't give their support with just words, because two YG Entertainment groups will be giving their full support to iKON's debut concert by taking part as special guests!

YG Entertainment stated, "On October 3 at iKON's debut concert 'Showtime' in Seoul's Olympic Gymnastics Stadium', Jinusean and Epik High will take part as guests to support their hoobaes."

As you know, B.I and Bobby have collaborated with Epik High before, and it's great to see YGE artists support each other this way!

Click B announce their first solo concert in 13 years as all 7 members!

'90s K-pop fans rejoice! Click B are not only set for their long-awaited comeback with all original members this fall, but they're also set for a concert! 

And in case you haven't grasped the importance of this yet, this will be Click B's first solo concert in 13 years with all the members!

Their concert will take place on November 20 at 8pm KST at the Coex Auditorium, and the name of the concert is '7-3=7'. 

The concert name is based on one of their past songs, which has a special meaning for both Click B and all of their fans. The song was released back when three members left and Click B became 4 members. The song has the meaning that 'Click B is always 7 members'. 

Tickets go on sale through Interpark on October 5 at 8pm KST! How excited are you for their comeback and concert?