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Seventeen drops new album concept photos for performance team!

Seventeen released more concept photos, and this time, it is for the performance team! 

The performance team -- Jun, Dino, Hoshi, and The8 -- look gorgeous in their laid back, casual outfits as they look intrigued by model ships! The boys look relaxed as if they're on a vacation. 

Can't wait to find out what their new music will sound like! Seventeen's new album will be released on December 5, so stay tuned! 

Sungjong talks about his 10kg weight loss for 'The Star'

INFINITE had a photoshoot with 'The Star'!

The boys went for simple makeup and simple outfits to accentuate their own visuals. After the photoshoot, Sunggyu said, "I'm no longer at an age that's considered young for an idol. I work harder than before. I want to go on stage as INFINITE 10 years from now as well."  Sungeyeol put, "We argued a lot before, but now we're one family. We're really close because we can tell what the other is thinking through just their gaze."

On his weight loss, Sungjong said, "I had a hard time while dieting, but I dealt with it because I wanted to look good. Thankfully, perhaps because of that, I'm being called the 'fairy-dol'."

Jeon Hye Bin shows off her shorter haircut in 'InStyle'

Jeon Hye Bin showed off her short haircut in the upcoming November issue of 'InStyle'!

She gives off distinctly fall vibes while modeling 'Juicy Couture' perfume, glowing in natural, warm makeup tones. Jeon Hye Bin currently plays the role of Park Hye Joo in MBC's 'Woman With a Suitcase'. 

Take a look at her pretty cuts below!

Seventeen's performance team get together for 'Dazed' pictorial

Seventeen's performance team got together for a moody pictorial with 'Dazed' magazine!

The performance team, consisting of HoshiJunThe8, and Dino, posed with charisma for the magazine's upcoming November issue, opening up about their dreams in the interview portion. When asked what their dreams were, the performance team surprised the interviewer with their own, unique answers. 

Jun elaborated on his dreams with, "We have way too many dreams. When we go to bed and wake up the next morning, we have new dreams. We try to live to the fullest by setting our sights on those dreams. Rather than being a star, it's better to be content with yourself, which is happiness." Hoshi said about his dreams, "I want Seventeen to succeed so I can give back to my parents. I want Seventeen to win #1 on all of the music shows, and I want the members to be together for a long time", while Dino said, "I want to become an artist who will go down in history. I want that name to be Seventeen." Finally, The8 answered, "It's my dream for Seventeen to promote together for a long time. I also want to achieve the dream of being a 'super star', which used to be a very faraway dream."

Take a look at the performance team's pictorial below!

Yonghwa, Lee Yeon Hee, Hyungsik, Park Bo Young, and more come together for special 'Elle' pictorial

A special, new pictorial featured in the upcoming November issue of 'Elle' magazine stars a slew of big name actors, actresses, and idol actors, including CNBLUE's YonghwaLee Yeon HeeZE:A's HyungsikPark Bo YoungLee Sun GyunSong Ji HyoPark Hae JinPark Sung Woong, and Jung Man Sik

What do these actors and actresses have in common? They'll be starring in several new JTBC dramas from the latter half to 2016 to 2017!

The 9 actors and actresses were brought together on the unique pictorial set to highlight some of the most anticipated productions planned ahead for JTBC. Lee Sun Gyun and Song Ji Hyo will be teaming up for their upcoming drama 'This Week, My Wife is Cheating', set to air at the end of October, while Hyungsik and Park Bo Young will be playing the leads in a drama coming in 2017 called 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon'. 

Yonghwa and Lee Yeon Hee will also be partnering up in a new drama called 'The Package', while Park Hae Jin, Park Sung Woong, and Jung Man Sik plan to work together in another 2017 production, 'Man to Man'. 

Which of these dramas are you looking forward to the most?

Unicorn talks about making a comeback after losing a member

Unicorn, a group sporting a unique, girl-next-door concept, met up with 'International bnt' for an in-depth photoshoot.  

Unicorn debuted back in September of 2015 and has already welcomed their 1 year anniversary, with some changes. In the interview during the photo shoot, the group discussed what they'd been up to lately. 

The girls said that they no longer live together in a dorm because they don't have many schedules. One member stated, "Living together is different from just meeting up to practice, so we always tried to be considerate of one another and never fight. Back then, we weren't close to one another like we are now. Because we tried to avoid arguing, we grew distant. We talked less and hung out outside more. It is not uncomfortable to go outside because no one recognizes us on the streets. Only our friends know that we are idols." Rumi commented, "My friends don't care that I am an idol and they're just envious that I am thin," making everyone laugh. 

Regarding a member that left the group, one member said, "As we practiced with only 4 members, we felt the emptiness of Winnie. A member leaving a group is always something sparking curiosity and worry, no matter what the reason might be. Even though she did not leave because of any conflicts, whenever we were asked about it, we became discouraged. We talk about it and try to become stronger." 

Sohee shares lessons she learned from her past Wonder Girls days in 'InStyle'

Rising actress Sohee shared about her past Wonder Girls days in 'InStyle'.

For her upcoming movie 'Single Rider', the cast and crew traveled to Australia for filming, which made Sohee reminisce about her past days in New York for Wonder Girls promotions. On what she learned from those experiences, Sohee said, "I think I became a more flexible and confident person by experiencing different cultures and people. Back then, I wasn't able to fully enjoy the moment because I was so busy running toward my dream, and I do regret that somewhat."

Reflecting back on her Wonder Girls days, Sohee said, "I lived a different life than my peers because I debuted at such young age of 14. Now as a 25-year-old, I want to live a life that suits my age and create a lot of memories."

Kai is on the cover of 'ARENA HOMME +' in a sexy turtleneck!

EXO's Kai is gracing the cover of 'Arena Homme +' magazine for its November issue! 

The released photos feature Kai in several different looks, including a turtleneck, a button down, and a blue suit. 

Fans are already going wild over these gorgeous pictorials and counting down to the day the magazine will hit newsstands.

Check out the photos below! 

Sisters Jessica and Krystal compete to see who's chicer in 'Cosmopolitan' together

Sisters Jessica and Krystal posed for the November issue of 'Cosmopolitan.'  

Because of their busy schedules, they arrived in New York for the shoot on different days, but when they finally met up, they hugged and looked happy to see each other, once again showing how close they are.  

They were super charismatic and chic during the shoot.  Jessica spoke in fluent English, asking the photographer if she should try switching poses with Krystal or try the shoot from different angles.

Former Dal Shabet member discusses her erotic movies and legal battle

Actress Baek Da Eun (formerly known as Viki from Dal Shabet) sat down for an interview during a photo shoot with 'International bnt.'  Baek Da Eun showed off her toned body and perfect poses in the pictorial, playing several different looks with ease and professional elegance. 

In the first concept, she wore a beige top and stripe skirt, which created an alluring mood, and in the second concept, she donned a casual outfit for a free and upbeat atmosphere. The last concept displayed feminine beauty with a black-and-white dress. 

During the interivew, Baek Da Eun discussed her controversial role in an erotic film, 'A Pharisee.' She stated, "When I first got the script, I thought it was a philosophical and artistic film. It was a bit shocking, but because of that film, I received a new actor's award, so I feel grateful." 

She also explained other erotic films that she made since 'A Pharisee' by saying, "The places I signed with turned out to be non-registered production companies, and things I did not want happened there. Criminal cases are being argued in courts right now, and from now on, I will never sign without accurate paperwork."  

Good luck with the lawsuits!