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Sisters Jessica and Krystal compete to see who's chicer in 'Cosmopolitan' together

Sisters Jessica and Krystal posed for the November issue of 'Cosmopolitan.'  

Because of their busy schedules, they arrived in New York for the shoot on different days, but when they finally met up, they hugged and looked happy to see each other, once again showing how close they are.  

They were super charismatic and chic during the shoot.  Jessica spoke in fluent English, asking the photographer if she should try switching poses with Krystal or try the shoot from different angles.

Former Dal Shabet member discusses her erotic movies and legal battle

Actress Baek Da Eun (formerly known as Viki from Dal Shabet) sat down for an interview during a photo shoot with 'International bnt.'  Baek Da Eun showed off her toned body and perfect poses in the pictorial, playing several different looks with ease and professional elegance. 

In the first concept, she wore a beige top and stripe skirt, which created an alluring mood, and in the second concept, she donned a casual outfit for a free and upbeat atmosphere. The last concept displayed feminine beauty with a black-and-white dress. 

During the interivew, Baek Da Eun discussed her controversial role in an erotic film, 'A Pharisee.' She stated, "When I first got the script, I thought it was a philosophical and artistic film. It was a bit shocking, but because of that film, I received a new actor's award, so I feel grateful." 

She also explained other erotic films that she made since 'A Pharisee' by saying, "The places I signed with turned out to be non-registered production companies, and things I did not want happened there. Criminal cases are being argued in courts right now, and from now on, I will never sign without accurate paperwork."  

Good luck with the lawsuits!

Kai bundles up for winter for 'High Cut'

Kai had a photoshoot for 'High Cut'!

He put on a variety of winter looks for the photo spread, matching sweaters to coats, just wearing a warm sweater, or getting ready for the cold with a thick down jacket.

He looks completely at ease in all the photos, and the styling in the photos make him look like a perfect boyfriend. 

Check out the photos below!

UEE takes on a fierce female warrior look for 'Daze and Confused'

UEE is smoking hot in her pictorial for 'Dazed and Confused'! 

The actress dons leather, fish net stockings, studded heels and boots, a military-style jacket, and rocks some bold makeup to achieve that badass look!  With her long and lean frame, UEE pulls off the pieces well with fierce attitude which is the best possible accessory. 

What did Youngji do when she read kind comments about her acting?

KARA's Youngji took part in an 'International bnt' photo shoot for which she discussed in great detail the recently ended 'Oh Hae Young Again.' 

The idol-turned-actress said, "Now that the drama is over, I'm doing auditions. It was my first project and it was so meaningful that I feel very bittersweet. I held a fan meeting not too long ago, too." 

Though 'Oh Hae Young Again' was Youngji's first drama project, she said she didn't think the drama wouldn't do well, reasoning, "Because I was among so many talented people, I felt great and confident [that the drama would do well]." 

Youngji also broached the topic of criticisms that people tend to direct toward idol-turned-actresses. She said, "After I saw the first episode and saw comments that complimented my acting, I cried. Before I started the drama, I was very worried and had lots of thoughts. I thought that since there will be people [judging my acting], I'd rather be insulted for doing well. So I determined to do my very best." 

Hong Soo Ah is a living doll on the cover of 'Stella Modello'

Actress Hong Soo Ah is looking as beautiful as ever on the cover of 'Stella Modello'!
The cover girl looks like a doll with unfocused eyes, as if deep in thought. Her long, wavy black hair looks perfectly styled to further accentuate her mannequin-like good looks. 

In the interview, she said, "In the future, I want to meet my Chinese fans through many opportunities. Please watch over my promotions in Korea, too. I will become a Hong Soo Ah who can approach you in a more friendly way."

LABOUM's Solbin transforms into a game character with 'Marie Claire'

LABOUM's Solbin perfectly transformed into Nikki of styling battle game, 'I Love Nikki'!

In her pictures for 'Marie Claire,' she looks very different (but in a good way) with her bright wigs and sharp features.  

The editor in charge of the shoot said, "Solbin lovably took on the pink hairstyle that is the trademark of Nikki. For each cut, she engaged in filming with a professionalism and lack of awkwardness, leaving a deep impression."

Do you like these looks on her?

Lee Joon shows his sensitive side in 'Grazia'

Actor Lee Joon posed for 'Grazia,' which released pictures on July 22. He looks sensitive, sweet, and sentimental, closing in on himself while dressed in double denim.

Regarding his drama 'Vampire Detective,' he said, "I learned a lot in various ways, although my body had a hard time because I stayed faithful to the [action] genre.  When the camera comes close to me, I tend to become awkward and to stiffen my body, but in this drama, there are a lot of only closeups, so it became a time for me to train myself."

G-Dragon crosses gender boundaries on the cover of 'Vogue China'

G-Dragon pushed the boundaries of fashion--and gender--as the cover star of 'Vogue China's August issue.

Wearing charcoal black thick eyeliner and a purplish plum matte lip color, the Big Bang leader embraces his more androgynous side. G-Dragon has never been afraid to push the boundaries where fashion is concerned, and it seems he took it a step further in this pictorial. The theme seems to be a slightly gothic, decorated with dark hues, chains, and damask patterns.

The photos were taken by world renowned photographer Mario Testino and the outfits were hand selected by Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia. The second cover photo features IMG model Bella Hadid.

What do you think of this gothic, gender-bending look on G-Dragon? 

Take a look at these gorgeous cuts of Tiffany in 'Elle'!

'Elle' has dropped some gorgeous cuts of Tiffany

The idol goes full on high fashion vintage for this pictorial, dressed in lace, flower prints, and faux furs. It's a look that Tiffany hasn't really tried before, but she's looking incredibly stylish all the same. 

F.T Island show all their different charms in 'W' magazine

F.T Island posed for 'W'!  They showed many different sides - all of them poetic - either by going for a retro look in plaid pants and yellow lighting, the classic look in black and white, or more modern chic with blue-ish neon lighting reflecting on their faces.

As is F.T Island's specialty, they were open and confident in the interview.  Hongki said, "F.T Island is strong when it comes to live stages.  Granted, even if the spectators do not know our song, we are confident they'll be able to enjoy the show."

We believe you!

Ryu Joon Yeol is a romantist with flowers for Singapore's 'U Weekly'

Ryu Joon Yeol is the romantic cover model for Singapore's 'U Weekly'!

The actor posed against a pastel blue background with yellow and white flowers in his hand. He showed off his sweet charms as well as his playful side, proving himself to be a rising Hallyu star. 

Take a look at Ryu Joon Yeol's handsome photos below!