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T-ara's Soyeon talks about her scandal with wakeboarder Shota Tezuka

T-ara recently sat down for a round-table interview for their upcoming mini album 'Remember', where Soyeon opened up about her scandal with Japanese wakeboarder Shota Tezuka

The scandal occurred this past September, but MBK Entertainment quickly denied that the two were dating, saying, "T-ara's Soyeon and Shota Tezuka are not yet dating. The two have been friends for the past 3 years. Soyeon and Shota Tezuka, who've maintained a good relationship, are in the stage where they're slowly opening up to being more than friends since this past August."

Soyeon added on during her interview, "We did not admit to dating. It was falsely reported. I don't have a boyfriend right now. We don't have any dating restrictions, and I'm not the type to hide things. It's exactly as the label stated before." 

She did seem to still be friends with the wakeboarder, also commenting, "He's an athlete, so he travels all over and is very busy, which means we don't have time to hang out. We do keep in touch. I'm thinking over things. I'm the type to think about going into a relationship for a long time before I do." 

Meanwhile, T-ara will be making a comeback this November 9 with a medium tempo title track called "TIAMO". 

Park Ha Sun thinks Gong Myung will become a star more popular than Lee Jong Suk?

5urprise's Gong Myung must've impressed former drama co-star Park Ha Sun quite a bit!

During an interview with Sports Chosun, Gong Myung talked about his recently ended drama, 'Drinking Alone'. He also shared his thoughts on Park Ha Sun's compliments, where she stated that Gong Myung is similar to Lee Jong Suk, with whom she has worked together in the sitcom, 'High Kick Through The Roof 3'. In fact, she said, "Gong Myung will become an even bigger star."

Regarding Park Ha Sun's compliment, Gong Myung said, "I heard she did an interview when I spoke with her shortly [while I was doing mine]. I searched up her article and found out that she said that. I was thinking, 'my noona', while I was reading it. I'm really thankful that she perceived me that way." Gong Myung continued, "She told me to not to forget about her because she knows I'm going to be a big star. I was very thankful every time she said that."

Gong Myung's popularity is indeed continuing to rise at a fast rate following his dramas 'Ddanddara' and 'Drinking Alone'. Do you think he'll become the next top star? 

Black Pink's Lisa shares her uniqueness + struggles of being a foreign member

At a recent interview, Black Pink's Lisa talked about being a foreign member. 

The rookie idol is originally from Thailand, and also the only foreign member from YG Entertainment. When asked about her struggles in a foreign country, Lisa said, "It's been 6 years since I came to Korea. At first, I couldn't speak Korean at all. It was frustrating how I couldn't communicate. So I received Korean lessons every day and my members also helped me a lot on my Korean."

Lisa also talked about her homeland, and said, "People in Thailand love K-pop. There are many who also desire to become a K-pop singer." To the next question asking how she stands out among the many foreign idols in K-pop, Lisa answered, "I'm usually timid but I try hard to be charismatic on stage. I think this is the unique color I have."

Ji Chang Wook to make surprise appearance on 'We Got Married'!

Actor Ji Chang Wook is going to be on 'We Got Married'!

Glorious Entertainment shared the news, stating, "Ji Chang Wook has recently participated in a recording for 'We Got Married.'" He'll be spending time with the Choi Tae Joon and A Pink's Bomi couple. It's reported that he decided to make a surprise appearance for his close friend, Tae Joon. 

The episode with Ji Chang Wook will be airing mid-November. 

SM shares behind cuts of Heechul and Baekhyun from their 1st 'SM Super Celeb League' broadcast

Back on November 2, Super Junior's Heechul and EXO's Baekhyun participated in the broadcast for the 1st ever 'SM Super Celeb League'!

The event centers around the game League of Legends, which both Heechul and Baekhyun are known for being huge fans of. During the 'SM Super Celeb League', the two idols get to form teams with fans, or any regular players, to compete in League matches against the other team. They also get to form a Korean team with professional League players, in order to carry out matches against a professional team from China. 

Don't the boys look pretty psyched to play their favorite game AND have a good time with fans? You can catch additional broadcasts of the 'SM Super Celeb League' on Chinese online game broadcast platform DOUYU TV! 

T-ara show disappointment at how groups who debuted alongside them are no longer around

During a round-table interview for their upcoming mini album 'Remember', T-ara showed disappointment toward the fact that groups who debuted around the same time as they did are no longer around. 

The group was asked about entering their 30's, and answered, "We don't feel any age gaps between one another, since other than Jiyeon, we're all more or less 1 year apart. We don't feel pressured about entering our 30's. Because we live in a group, rather than living alone, it doesn't strike us [that they're entering their 30's]. A lot of groups who were active with us are no longer around. When we see our hoobaes on TV, it feels like we're watching celebrities." 

Soyeon added, "It's disappointing that we can't see teams who debuted alongside us any more, or it's hard to see them getting together. It would be great if we could all stay together for a long time, but it can't be helped since it has to do with individual situations. But in heart, we probably all want to stay together." 

Kang Dong Won reveals where he got his good looks

Actor Kang Dong Won talked about his handsome facial features through the 'V' app on November 4!

Park Kyung Lim, who was with him, asked, "It's my first time seeing a profile like this," showing her amazement at his impeccable profile. She continued, "You see soap sculptures in movies, right?  [Your profile] gives off the feeling of a sculpture," and moved the camera to show off his handsome profile.

She continued, "Your nose is so pretty. Do you get it from your mom or dad?" He replied, "My nose is from my mom's side. My eyes are also from my mom's side. I think my lips are from my dad's side, though."

What a perfect mix of genes... Seriously!

Rookie singer Han Ga Bin admits to receiving sponsor offers

Rookie trot singer Han Ga Bin admitted to having received sponsor offers.

In an interview with E Daily, Han Ga Bin talked about her journey to debut and revealed that she has received sponsor offers in the past. She said, "In the past when I was a trainee, some of the unnies who were in similar situations as me made offers."She continued, "I have high self-esteem. I had a clear goal and I didn't allow that [offer] to tempt me. I rejected it." 

Han Ga Bin debuted with "Flower Breeze" back in October of 2016. 

Park Hee Bon talks about losing weight and her honeymoon

Actress Park Hee Bon appeared on 'Park Sun Young's CineTown' recently talked about how she lost weight.

When asked about her full schedule before her wedding, Park Hee Bon said, "I had filming up to the day before my wedding.  When I try any diet, it doesn't work, but when I'm filming, my weight just falls off.  That's how before I properly dieted before my wedding."

She was also asked about her honeymoon with husband, Director Yoon Se Young.  She said, "We both like baseball, so we wondered if we should go watch the Major League Baseball games in the United States, but it was costly.  That's why we went to Cuba, where we always wanted to go, but during a layover in Toronto, Canada there was a game with my favorite athlete Kim Hyun Soo (Baltimore Orioles outfielder) playing," showing happiness at the overall honeymoon.

DJ Park Sun Young mentioned her throwing the first pitch, and Park Hee Bon said, "I was so nervous.  I practiced a lot, but I didn't properly do it, so I cried when I got home." 

Hopefully, you'll get another chance!

Kang Dong Won talks about his personality + plans for a drama comeback

Kang Dong Won revealed a part of his personality through a game of 'OX (yes or no)' through the 'V' app on November 4!

On this day, fans queried about his real personality because netizens had dubbed him a 'sweet pumpkin.'  When asked, "Are you the type to not give false hope?" he replied, "That's right.  I'm the type to quickly cut things off."

Also, Park Kyung Lim asked him about plans to appear in a drama.  The actor replied, "I'm open to it," but also revealed, "Right now, my schedule for next year is completely packed. There are more than one or two productions I'm talking over, so it probably would take a while..." suggesting it'd be hard to greet his fans through the small screen again for a while.

Song Joong Ki bundles up for the winter with style!

Actor Song Joong Ki is looking handsome for the winter season in coats and scarves!

His winter shoot was unveiled on November 4 for the 'DOOTA Duty Free' shop. Sporting a sweet haircut and adorably holding onto a teddy bear, Song Joong Ki shows once again why he's hailed total boyfriend material. 

A rep from the shoot complimented on his sweet expressions and ability to win over every staff member's heart on set.  That gaze could melt anyone, right?

Kangta talks about H.O.T and more on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'

Kangta appeared on the November 4 airing of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' to promote his new song, "Diner," and talk with the humorous MC.  

Kangta revealed this was his first appearance on the music show and his first time meeting Yoo Hee Yeol!  He said, "Your gaze is making feel shy.  I also have an interest in erotic things. I think of it as preparing for my companion," making everyone laugh. 

This year was his 20th anniversary.  "Even after the disbandment, I mistakenly believed that 1/5 of H.O.T's popularity was mine," he revealed.  "But it took two years for me to realize that was not true."

When asked why he's been so active as a singer and actor in China, Kangta said, "I wanted to go through trial and error to create a sort of manual for my juniors."  When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked about his own possibility to break into the Chinese market, Kangta hesitated, making everyone laugh.

The singer also said on the show, "There are my initials and a heart on the wall at a restaurant I had gone to often with my girlfriend."

Jay Park talks about a girl group he likes + LOCO shares embarrassing moments while performing

Jay Park and LOCO charmed the audience with their music and funny interview on'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.'

On the November 5 installment of 'Sketchbook', Jay Park talked about his recent news on donating his performance fees; the singer drew attention recently by announcing that he would be donating the money he gets from performing at colleges. LOCO also shared his good deed, which was participating in an anti-smoking campaign. He said, "they changed my lyric to 'If you smoke, you close your eyes forever," making the audience laugh. 

When asked to talk about a memorable performance, LOCO said, "I performed in front of two middle-aged ladies, and the lyric was something like, 'You suck and I'm the best.'" He continued, "Once I realized my flyer was open while I was rapping. I did not want to turn around to zip it up, so I did not while facing the audience, confidently. My nickname became 'LOCO-chu' (LOCO + last syllable from Korean word for 'penis')." 

The two singers also revealed what type of girls they are attracted to. LOCO shared, "I like pretty girls with a big forehead," to which Yoo Hee Yeol said, "Are you talking about Gollum (Smeagol)?" Jay Park shared that since entering his 30s (Korean age), he finds himself smiling while watching girl groups' dance practices. He then demonstrated TWICE's "TT" dance. 

EXO-CBX reveal their goal for current promotions + their role models!

EXO unit group, EXO-CBX, shared their goal for this promotional period on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.'

On the November 5 airing of 'Sketchbook', veteran SM singer Kangta talked about Big Bang and EXO as hoobaes he thinks are good. He then sang a remix version of 'Growl' when EXO-CBX made a surprise appearance. 

Kangta is a member of legendary SM group H.O.T, and during an interview with the singer and the group, Chen shared, "When I went on field trips, my mother would pack me H.O.T drinks. I think she was an H.O.T fan." 

The 3 members then discussed their roles models who led them to be singers. Xiumin picked TVXQBaekhyun chose Super Junior, and Chen alone picked Kangta, making the audience laugh. 

Also in the interview, EXO-CBX talked about how the unit came about. They shared that it was not the agency that organized the unit but the members themselves because they like hanging out together and have great chemistry in their private lives, so they actually suggested to form the unit to the agency. 

EXO-CBX also revealed what their goal for this promotion is, saying, "We want to be loved by male fans."

Netizens call for a break for G-Friend's SinB after her fainting spell

G-Friend's SinB alarmed fans recently when she fainted on stage during an event performance.  Source Music stepped up to state that they had noticed she looked unwell before going on stage, but after a checkup at the hospital, they found out that nothing was wrong with her health, so she will be continuing her activities.  However, this did nothing to convince netizens who voiced their concerns about her well-being.

After hearing their statement about her being fine, netizens left comments like, "Celebrities are people too T.T Please give them some time to rest," "Promoting is good, but I wish you'd give them a few days of rest at least so their conditions can be normal," "It's a shame but seeing how current agencies do things, there's no way to avoid the same thing happening over and over again," "Their schedules are important, too, but I think that their health is foremost T.T Please let them completely rest when they get breaks," "Even if she says she's going to follow the schedule, the agency should hold her back," and more.

TWICE talk about their chat room conversations + who uses the most emoticons

TWICE appeared on SBS powerFM's 'Park So Hyun's Love Game' on November 4 and talked about the chat room they share.

Jihyo said, "We all have similar hardships, so when we're talking together, we talk about what's been difficult for us.  We tell one another to stay strong."

DJ Park So Hyun asked, "Which member leaves the most comments on TWICE's group chat and uses the most emoticons?"  The members said together, "The member who uses the most emoticons is Chaeyoung."  Chaeyoung said, "I do that because I hear often that I seem curt."  Nayeon explained, "In the past, Chaeyoung would only write, 'K.'"

Taecyeon matches 2PM members to their family roles

2PM's Taecyeon talked about the family roles of the group!

On 'Did You Eat?' on the 23rd, he called up Wooyoung and the pair joked around before Taecyeon revealed that he was on broadcast. At the revelation, Wooyoung said, "Are you recording right now? That could have been bad."

He said, "Nichkhun is like a grandfather, Wooyoung is a mother who nags. Jun.K is the first son who doesn't listen. He's not reliable at all. Junho is the reliable second son, and Chansung is the pet. He listens if you feed him. I'm like the uncle who reads comic books without a job.

TWICE teasers 'TT' chorography just hours before their comeback

TWICE has released a unique choreography teaser for their "TT" comeback!

The teaser is unique because it's a set of still photos of the girls pulling off the moves from the song. Each girl looks full of aegyo even though you can't really see their face. 

The girls are coming back very soon at midnight KST on the 24th, so make sure to stay tuned!

Lee Kwang Soo dances silly for his fan in Singapore!

Lee Kwang Soo reciprocated his fan's love with a silly dance! 

An Instagram video with a title, "Lee Kwang Soo reacting to a fan's silly dance with a silly dance", is going viral and the fans are loving it! 

The video is taken in Singapore where Lee Kwang Soo attended a fan event. One fan begins to dance the 'mosquito dance' that Kwang Soo did in MBC 'High Kick Through the Roof.' Lee Kwang Soo laughs shyly for a moment then quickly gets up from his seat and dances the original 'mosquito dance,' making the fans at the event go wild. 

Awesome as always. This is why your fans love you, Lee Kwang Soo! 

B1A4's Jinyoung humorously names the similarities between him and Park Bo Gum

B1A4's Jinyoung showed off his funny side as well as his musical talent on 'Yoo Hee Yoel's Sketchbook.'

On the October 22 episode, Jinyoung filled in for his group member, Sandeul, who is taking a break for health reasons. He appeared on stage while singing, "Nothing Better," and said, "I thought my heart was going to hurt. I am still shaking," after the song. 

During the interview on the show, Jinyoung was asked about his recent drama, 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', and what he has in common with Park Bo Gum, his co-star in the drama. Jinyoung replied, "We have similar hairstyle and we both have white, pearly teeth," making the audience laugh. He also charmed the ladies in the audience by reenacting a scene from the drama. 

Jinyoung was also asked why he works as a singer as well as an actor. He explained, "I like challenges. I don't want to settle with just one thing but challenge myself whether I succeed or not. That way I won't have any regrets."