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Police request an arrest warrant for Hara's ex-boyfriend Choi

An arrest warrant has been requested for Hara's ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum.

On October 22, Gangnam Police Station announced, "On the 19th, we have requested an arrest warrant for Choi for threat, assault, and coercion, and it was submitted to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office today."

Choi is accused of assaulting and threatening Hara with private videos. On October 2, the police searched his home and obtained his electronic devices for digital forensics. On the 17th, both Hara and Choi attended police questioning. The investigation continues.

JBJ fans discover belatedly uploaded photos from the special version of debut album 'Fantasy'

Fans have discovered new photos of JBJ.

The photos themselves are not new - they were taken for the special version of their debut mini-album 'Fantasy' - but it's the first time that Joyfuls are seeing them. It turns out that the label never uploaded the photos, but the photographer uploaded it as part of their online portfolio.

You can check out all the photos below.

WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun and actress Jung Ryeo Won are wrapped up in dating rumors

WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun and actress Jung Ryeo Won have become wrapped up in some dating rumors.

An exclusive report by Xports News claimed that Nam Tae Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won met each another through a friend and quickly became close due to their similar interests in art. Their relationship then grew romantically, and the two have been dating for approximately one year, the report said. 

It also stated that the couple continued to enjoy public dates after Nam Tae Hyun announced he would be halting his promotions with WINNER for the time being due to a mental health issue. The two were supposedly spotted on a date at a cafe in Shinsa-dong, Gangnam several days ago. 

Currently, Jung Rye Won is 35 years-old while Nam Tae Hyun is 22 years of age. Their 13-year age gap added even more shock to the recently sparked dating rumors. 

However, Jung Rye Won's label quickly denied the reports, and stated, "Nam Tae Hyun and Jung Ryeo Won are just friends. They are not dating. We are startled by the news."

Netizens suspect f(x) have already renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment?

After media outlets spread the news that f(x)'s contract with SM Entertainment will come to an end this September, many f(x) fans, or Me U, have been nervous to see whether or not the members will renew their contracts or not. 

It seems that some netizens, after connecting a few dots, are claiming that the f(x) ladies have actually already renewed their contracts with SME. 

Several weeks ago, f(x)'s Luna uploaded a word of comfort for Me U, addressing fans' concerns for the possibility of the group's disbandment. Her Instagram post read, "Don't worry Me U. f(x) will return with a better image and a better song for Me U. You've trusted us these past 7 years, so keep trusting us, okay? We love you." 

According to Luna, the post was uploaded to comfort fans after talking the matter over with all 4 members. 

Later, in a recent interview, Luna was asked about her Instagram post, to which she answered, "We thought it was the right thing to do for our fans. Because the members have such active promotions in China, misunderstandings arose. That post was uploaded after talking it over with the members. One of the members even said, 'do we have to post something like that, when we know we're not disbanding?'. But since SNS is a personal space, I thought it I should at least be addressed once."

Fans further claimed that even though the group's contract ends in September, f(x)'s schedule calendar states group schedules have already been planned as far as November. 

What do you think of netizens' claims?

Police reveal it'll take less than a week to confirm if DNA evidence matches Yoochun

KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay' covered Yoochun's controversy.

He was interviewed after his 8 hour investigation, where he said, "I'm sorry for concerning so many people. I will comply diligently to the police investigations."

The police also said, "It won't take longer than a week [to see if Yoochun's DNA matches the evidence DNA]. There could be more investigations if needed." Currently, the police are considering extra investigations because there is a lot to consider.

EXID criticized for numerous sexual references in their new 'L.I.E' MV

EXID are back and sexier than ever; maybe a bit too sexy. 

On May 31, EXID released the MV of their new title song "L.I.E". The girls are already topping several music charts, while also recording more than 1 million MV views in less 24 hours. 

Unfortunately, not everyone welcomes EXID's sexy return. In fact, many netizens have targeted the group for the numerous sexual references found in their new MV. Below you can find scenes from "L.I.E" MV that supposedly embed a sexual meaning. 

1. The number 69. "Why 6 and 9 out of all the numbers? I can't think of any other reasons than the one I have in mind.."

2. Two pink bells. "Look like boobs."

3. The shadow's position. "This is worse than just showing the number 69.."

4. Peach= butt? 

5. "Wow...Is it necessary to shake a pepper shaker with that kind of face?.. and motion?"

Netizens also commented, "Don't go saying that I have a dirty mind. Even a middle school kid can understand all of those sexual references. It's there. No doubt", "Dirty... they should stop doing the sexy concepts", "This is disgusting. How can they act that out like that;", etc. 

Are netizens overreacting or did you feel the same way when watching EXID's "L.I.E." MV?

Seventeen's Junghan beats Hyeri, ChoA, and more, and ranks #1 as idol with best bob hair!

Who could beat Seventeen's Junghan and his gorgeous bob-hair cut?

According to the results from mobile app 'Idol Champ', Junghan was voted #1 as the idol to induce the 'bob syndrome'! The 'bob syndrome' describes a strong desire to cut one's hair into a short bob after being inspired by others! 

The app asked users the question, "Which idol is the #1 cause of the bob syndrome?" The results revealed Junghan as the dominant, leading cause, with 50.1% of the total votes. 

This is about 30% more votes received than the 2nd place winner, Girl's Day's Hyeri. In addition, Junghan also beat out VIXX's LeoLovelyz's JinAOA's ChoA, and other idol stars with his signature, gorgeous bob.  

Do you agree with the results of the poll?

TWICE are copying SHINee's official fan club color?

Following TWICE's recent comeback with "Cheer Up", fans have noticed that the color of TWICE's new light sticks are strangely familiar. 

Photos of TWICE's new light stick to be used by fan club ONCE for their "Cheer Up" promotions have surfaced alongside photos of SHINee's various light sticks, from plain, long ones to official concert ones. 

Fans couldn't help but bring up the fact that the color of TWICE's new light sticks are"not just similar, they're basically the same." 

While some fans have approached the recent topic with alarm, sharing comments such as, "Panic Panic Panic...""Hul, this is kind of not okay""All you can think of when you see that color is SHINee", and more, others have responded with clarifications. 

ONCE are stepping up to calm the alarm of SHINee World by saying, "They're only temporary light sticks to be used at their comeback showcase!" and "They were given out by JYP for their showcase, last time they were different too." 

Some Shawol still seem suspicious, replying, "They always say they're temporary at first but then they naturally end up making them official...""Even if it's temporary, it's still not okay... it's too similar...", and "We'll trust that they will be temporary and only temporary." 

More and more idol groups are debuting, and there are only so many colors in the rainbow! What do you make out of this recent situation? 

f(x)'s Victoria rumored to be dating top Chinese actor Yang Yang

f(x)'s Victoria has been caught up in dating rumors with top Chinese actor Yang Yang!
According to reports by a Chinese media outlet on April 14, Victoria (29) has been dating 24-year-old Yang Yang since last summer. The two celebrities worked as co-stars on the upcoming movie 'Confirmation of Strange Fates', and they also share the same management in China.

Neither SM Entertainment or Yang Yang's agency has released an official statement as of yet, but stay tuned for updates.

Lee Hyori now lives in a different home due to annoying visitors

On April 14, media outlet Wow TV reported that Lee Hyori has moved to a different home on Jeju Island. The house in Sogil-ri, Jeju-do is not put out for sale, but the Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon couple no longer reside at that location. 

The reason behind the move is claimed to be the excessive amount of tourists visiting the celebrity couple's house. In the past, Lee Hyori has made several announcements and warnings toward the unwelcome visitors. As a result, rumors about her selling the Jeju house surfaced, but she soon denied it. 

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon might not have sold their home, but it seems they did make a move to live away from tourists. 

We hope Lee Hyori and her husband can have privacy in their new home.

f(x)'s Krystal to follow her sister Jessica and leave SM Entertainment?

f(x)'s contract with SM Entertainment is soon to end, and rumors about Krystal departing the team and the label are arising.

Krystal debuted through f(x) back in 2009 along with VictoriaLunaSulli, and Amber. The group quickly became one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups, however, faced trouble with Sulli departing the team last summer. Krystal faced another hardship with her sister Jessica leaving SM Entertainment around the same period.

Jessica is currently expanding her career in fashion under a new label, and is also scheduled to return with a solo album. With f(x)'s contract soon coming to an end, rumors state that Krystal might be following her sister to Coridel Entertainment.

Krystal's recent dating news is another reason for the rumors. Jessica left SM Entertainment soon after she was basically confirmed to be dating Tyler Kwon, and recently, Krystal and EXO's Kai officially announced their relationship. As a result, fans think Krystal is following in the footsteps of her sister, and SM is once again slowly preparing to let their artist depart. f(x) without Krystal is unimaginable, but the rumors are strengthening over time.

Taeyeon blocks a fan who told her she looks like Jo Kwon on Instagram?

A fan claimed that she has been blocked by Girls' Generation's Taeyeon after leaving a a comment on her Instagram post. On April 11, the fan posted a screenshot on an online community with a caption that read, "I commented that she looks like 2AM's Jo Kwon in one of her posts, and then she immediately blocked me hahahaha she must have been mad."

Other netizens then responded, "But if that's the case, then how about all the other people who left offensive comments? Maybe her fans just reported you?","Taeyeon herself admitted that she looks like him. I don't think she will actually block a fan for that", "Do you think celebrities have time to read each comment and block haters? Don't overthink it. Fans or others who saw your dumb comment reported you", etc.
Whether or not Taeyeon actually blocked the fan, this is just another reminder that everyone should be nicer on social media.

Netizens call EXO's Kai out for 'putting on a show' in a wheelchair and crutches

On April 8, the boys of EXO were spotted leaving for a Chinese music award ceremony at Inchon International Airport. 

Among the members, EXO's Kai, who recently confirmed dating news with f(x)'s Krystal, was seen being escorted in a wheelchair, his left leg wrapped in a half cast, holding onto a pair of crutches. Kai's leg was reportedly injured during concert rehearsals back in March.

Some netizens who spotted Kai in his wheelchair, appeared to express discontentment toward the idol, calling him out for "putting on a show".

Many netizens pointed out that they had re-wrapped the half cast on top of Kai's skinny jeans, saying, "It looks like a half cast, so why is he in a wheelchair and why does he need crutches and how in the world did he put on skinny jeans?" and "A cast over his pants kekekeke So he can't take his pants off anymore?" 

Others pointed out that on the day his dating news with Krystal broke out, he had been fine out playing pool with best friend Taemin, commenting, "Wow who knew he'd be this lame. He crossed his legs fine at the pool bar what's with the wheelchair all of a sudden" and "He seemed fine crossing his legs at the pool bar... is he a politician or something now?" 

Take a look at Kai at the airport below. What are your thoughts on Kai's 1st public appearance since his dating news with Krystal? 

Fans worry that YG Entertainment is ruining Kang Dong Won's image

Lately news about Kang Dong Won has been frequently popping up here and there. You probably think his fans are thrilled to hear more about him, but in reality it's the complete opposite. Ever since he joined YG Entertainment, fans think his privacy is overly exposed, and that it is ultimately ruining his image.  

Fans claim that Kang Dong Won is known to be an actor with a mysterious charm. He was never exposed to the public other than for promotion purposes. The actor has also stated in the past that he favors having thick boundaries between his work and private life. 

However, things have changed lately. Kang Dong Won has been frequently spotted in pictures with YG Entertainment labelmate CL at parties as well as traveling. Yang Hyun Suk also shared a picture of the actor visiting the YG office in the U.S. The constant pictures and updates about him is quite unusual and not like himself. 

For this reason, Kang Dong Won's fans are furious at YG, commenting, "Kang Dong Won has never ever uploaded pictures at parties, and he's hanging out with musicians who are non-relevant to him. Why is YG forcing him to go to places like that and keep sharing his private life", "YG is a huge mistake. I Hate it. Hate it Hate it!!", "Kang Dong Won himself would never share pictures of him traveling with a girl idol member. So not like himself", etc. 

Kang Dong Won's mysterious image is supposedly being ruined by YG. Do you think the actor is really going through a negative change?