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TWICE release Dahyun, Chaeyeon, and Tzuyu's photos for 'Yes or Yes'

TWICE unveiled Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu's photos for 'Yes or Yes'.

For their 6th mini album, the JYP Entertainment girl group has chosen a casino concept with cards and dice. The festive look continues in Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu's individual cuts. The girls captivate with their lovely charms with 'Yes' cards in their hands. Take a look at the images below.

'Yes or Yes' will be out on November 5.

HALO take a summer trip in 'Travel Boy' MV

HALO have dropped a special music video for "Travel Boy"!
In the MV, the boys of HALO take a trip to the beach and enjoy the city night skyline. "Travel Boy" is a track from the boy group's 2017 album 'Here I Am', and it looks like they're back with an MV for the song this summer!

Check out HALO's "Travel Boy" MV below!

I.M says MONSTA X's next comeback will be in October?

It looks like MONSTA X may be back in the fall!

In a recent interview with OC WeeklyI.M revealed, "I'm doing a collaboration with Elhae, and our next comeback is going to be in October, maybe…"

The boys promoted with "Jealousy" back in March, and coming back in October would mean a 6-month break in promotions while the boys keep busy with their overseas tour.

BTS reveal beautiful travel video of adventures in Saipan directed by Jungkook

BTS have revealed a beautiful travel video of their adventures in Saipan!
Directed by Jungkook, the video features footage of BTS' shoot for their 'BTS 2018 Summer Package in Saipan' as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes moments for ARMY to enjoy. On top of directing, Jungkook also edited the video and included JOHN.k's "Best of Me" for the background music.

Check out BTS' 'G.C.G in Saipan' video above!

Zico leaps into teaser image for 'Soulmate' feat. IU

Zico has revealed more of his teaser image for his upcoming track "Soulmate" featuring IU.

The elevator door opened up in the last teaser, and in his newest teaser image, Zico leaps into another world. As previously reported, it's been 9 years since Zico has collaborated with IU, and fans are looking forward to their chemistry in the upcoming track.

You can expect Zico's solo comeback featuring IU on July 30 KST!

B1A4 drops a track list for their new album, 'Good Timing'!

B1A4 released a full track list for their third album, 'Good Timing.' 

There are 12 songs total with an extra song that is CDs only. Check out the list below!

1. Intro - Time
2. It's a Lie (Title Song)
3. Moment I Fall for You Again
4. Good Timing
5. Nightmare
6. In Dream
7. Sparkling
8. To My Star
9. Melancholy 
10. I Will Find You
11. Drunk on You
12. Together 
13. When It Snows 

'Good Timing' will be released on November 28! Stay tuned! 

The last IMFACT member to drop charismatic individual teaser images is Jeup

The last IMFACT member to release individual teaser images for their comeback is Jeup!

The boys continue with their charismatic, bad boy concept, but Jeup seems to be sporting a slight softer gaze and expression than the previous members before him! 

You get to indulge in the individual charms of IMFACT when they return with their 2nd single album 'Revolt' this November 11!

VICTON get your heart rate up with a performance trailer for their debut!

It's time for you to fall head over heels for VICTON, the newest rookie boy group from Plan A Entertainment! VICTON are also A Pink's younger brother group, and introduced themselves to fans through a reality show titled 'Me7Nam' before announcing their debut. 

The performance trailer just released shows the group's 7 members breaking it down to an upbeat track called "What Time Is It Now?", which will likely be on their debut mini album 'Voice to New World'. 

VICTON's debut is set for November 9! Get excited!

T-ara drops pensive MV teaser for 'TIAMO'

T-ara is switching things up for the sentimental winter season that is quickly approaching!

The group dropped the MV teaser for their new song "TIAMO," which has a pensive sound to the instrumental before their voices come in beautifully at the end. Jiyeon shows off her acting chops as the heroine of the MV, a single tear falling down her pale complexion as she looks heartbroken.

Stay tuned!  You can watch the MV making below as you wait for the full release.

TWICE return with MV for 'TT'

The lovely ladies of TWICE have returned with the music video for "TT".

The fun track is composed by Black Eyed Pilseung, arranged by Rado, and the lyrics by Sam Lewis. The MV is Halloween themed and features cute choreography. The song is catchy and should be a hit!

Check out the MV above!

TWICE hits almost 2 million views on their 'TT' teaser!

TWICE has almost 2 million views on just the teaser!

The girls released their teaser for "TT" two days ago. The girls have over 1 million views on YouTube and 910k on their 'V' app, making for just a little under 2 million views on just their teaser alone.

The girls will be coming back with their 3rd mini album 'TWICEcoaster' on the 24th with title song "TT". If you haven't seen their teaser yet, you can do so above.

Far East Movement drops a teaser for collaboration with Jay Park!

A teaser for Far East Movement's "SXWME" ft. Jay Park is here! 

The short video is definitely sexy, sexy, sexy -- filled with suggestive visuals, with ladies in bikinis and a lollipop! The dope beat and rap teases us just enough to ask for more! 

Can't wait for the whole song to be released, or even better, for the entire album to be here on October 21! 

While you wait, check out the teaser clip above! 

Jay Park drops his new MV for 'Drive' featuring GRAY and starring SISTAR's Bora!

Jay Park's new MV for "Drive" is here and it looks and sounds awesome! 

Jay Park has not been shy about talking about Bora as his ideal type, and she makes an appearance in his MV! With Jay Park's signature sexy, smooth vocal and GRAY's amazing talent, you couldn't ask for a better collaboration. And Bora's visual on top of all that? You got the perfect combo. 

Check out the MV above!

TWICE drops Halloween-themed MV teaser for 'TT'

Get ready for TWICE to drop their 'TWICEcoaster: Lane 1'!

They now dropped the MV teaser for their new song "TT".  Sadly not much is given from this MV teaser - not even the music.  You can just get a grasp of the Halloween theme they're going for as two cute little kids go into what appears to be a haunted house. Seems a bit of like a throwback to the funky zombie theme they debuted with!

They'll be back on October 24! 

Shinhwa reveal 1st jacket image for their 13th album + to drop a pre-release single soon!

The longest running 1st generation idol group, and not to mention every current idol group's role model - Shinhwa - have officially begun teasing for their upcoming 13th album!

The group recently revealed their 1st jacket image for their comeback, giving off casual, warm vibes dressed in flannels and white. But wait, there's more! For all the Shinhwa Changjo eagerly awaiting Shinhwa's comeback, they'll be dropping a pre-release single this October 22, titled "She Said"!

Their full 13th album is set for release sometime this November! 

Hwang Chi Yeol sings male version of 'I Miss You' for 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds'

Who better to portray the heartbroken feelings of Lee Young in 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' than singer Hwang Chi Yeol and his longing voice?

The male singer has released a Lee Young version of an OST titled "I Miss You", originally released as a female, or Ra On version, by singer Beige

'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' will be wrapping up soon! Are you ready for it? Get ready for the final episode coming up by getting a quick recap above!

Get another listening preview of Jay Park's upcoming LP 'Everything You Wanted'

You can definitely tell that Jay Park's upcoming LP release will be 'Everything You Wanted'. 

He's dropped a 3rd listening preview of the album, since it contains a whopping 19 tracks total. In this latest preview, you can get a feel of tracks 1, 5, 11, 15, 16, and 17, and it looks like he's got the whole AOMG crew in on this album, plus more! Which of his tracks catches your attention judging by the previews?

The digital album is set for release October 20, while the physical LP will be available on October 25. 

B.A.P get ready for comeback with a puzzling poster!

That's right, BABYs! B.A.P are getting ready to make a comeback!

TS Entertainment recently dropped a puzzling poster to signal B.A.P's comeback with a darker image and sound, containing a phrase at the top of the poster which reads "Who is X?". It seems like there's a possibility that the new release will be titled 'NOIR', but we have little else to figure out more details on the comeback. 

Stay tuned for updates from B.A.P!

OhBliss drops fun MV for 'BUNNYBUNNY'

Girl group going by the name OhBliss has dropped the MV for their first digital single, 'BUNNYBUNNY'!

The song is pretty catchy.  The verses are soothing and calm, then they kick things up for the chorus, which has a repetitive of "Bunny bunny bunny bunny."  They are wearing cute and interesting outfits that seem to pair shorts with a top that has a high-low flare that looks like a skirt.

Jay Park is asked if he's envious of LOCO and GRAY's success

AOMG's Jay Park and Ugly Duck made a guest appearance on the July 22 broadcast of 'Sketchbook,' promoting their recent singles and talking about fellow label mates LOCO and GRAY

Ugly Duck, who appeared on 'Sketchbook' for the first time, mused, "It's fascinating to be on a stage I've only seen lying on my back at home [through TV]." The rapper also took the opportunity to explain his odd name, saying, "At first, I just used that name because it sounded cool. But after people saw my face, they agreed with my name choice," bringing laughter with his self-diss. 

Jay Park added, "I didn't like people with facial hair but thanks to Ugly Duck, I came to like it more," and complimented him further with, "[Ugly Duck] is someone who makes meaningful music. He does music that matches him and there is authenticity behind [his music]." 

When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked him whether he feels any sort of rivalry with fellow label mates LOCO and GRAY, Jay Park denied it, saying, "Not at all. Two years ago, I had to pull out all the stops just to get them on 'Sketchbook' and many people didn't know who they were so I'm happy they're doing so well now."