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Rookie girl group Matilda are ready for summer with MV teaser for 'Summer Again'!

Rookie girl group Matilda are gearing up for a new summer single!

The newly released MV teaser for "Summer Again" shows the girls enjoying time on a walk, on the beach, or on an evening picnic, fulfilling everyone's wishful summer getaway dreams!

"Summer Again" is set for release July 6!

NCT 127 reveal their 2nd member!

NCT 127 has revealed its 2nd member!

Earlier, the group introduced its 1st member Haechan, surprising many fans. The new NCT unit's 2nd addition is none other than Japanese member Yuta! Yuta has been previously seen on shows like 'Idol Star Athletic Championship' and 'Abnormal Summit'.

It's great to see you finally debut, Yuta! Stay tuned for the next NCT 127 member!

NCT's new unit NCT 127 drops teaser photos of their first member!

NCT's new unit NCT 127 is starting up teasing for their debut!

On July 1, various photos of the group's first member were revealed through NCT's official SNS accounts. NCT 127's first member is Haechan (or you might recognize him as Donghyuck, his real name many fans knew him by during his trainee days), who looks mysterious yet alluring in his stylish teaser photos. 

NCT 127 is set to debut July 7! Stay tuned to find out more about NCT's new unit! 

DIA take you behind the scenes of their jacket shoot for 'On the Road' comeback

DIA has dropped their jacket making video ahead of their comeback with "On the Road"!

The girls are vibrant and youthful in this summery shoot.  They're either chilling by the pool and saying in an interview that they want to go to the beach together or they're posing cutely indoors for group photos.

The concept is so bright and perfect for the season!  

Younha, HA:TFELT, and Cheetah reveal deadly motion teasers for upcoming collaboration track!

YounhaHA:TFELT (Yenny), and Cheetah have revealed deadly motion teasers for their upcoming collaboration track, "Do You Understand"!

C9 Entertainment shared the horror-themed teasers of the ladies, who are each wielding something very deadly. Cheetah is ready to drill, HA:TFELT is threatening to poison, while Younha is a femme fatale. You can expect the trio's collaboration song "Do You Understand" on June 13 KST!

Which is your favorite teaser?

EXO take on a brand new concept for 'EX'ACT' with individual teaser images!

Get ready EXO-L! EXO just dropped individual teaser images of all 9 members! 

Each member flaunts a brand new style and concept for their dual title tracks, "Monster" and "Lucky One". The full release of 'EX'ACT' is set for June 9.

So many colors, so much handsome! What do you think of EXO's new look? 

EXO's logo becomes softer, gentler for 'Lucky One'

Get ready to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes, EXO-L! EXO has just dropped their brand new logo to get us prepared for their upcoming comeback! 

The EXO logo, which up until now has been more linear and geometric, has taken on a softer, gentler style for the boys' new concept! The logo is accompanied by a simple title, 'Lucky One'. We'll have to wait to see if that's the title of their upcoming album, or something else entirely. 

What do you think about the new logo, EXO-L?

SONAMOO signal their June comeback with 'Green Moon'!

The girls of SONAMOO are finally set to return after 1 year! 

On June 1, SONAMOO's official website began hinting at the group's June comeback, with a mystical concept that follows the title 'Green Moon'. 

A message at the bottom of the teaser image reads, "In June of 2016, colorful lights will brighten up one by one along with the Green Moon. Seven different colors will unite into one shining light." 

Stay tuned for more info on SONAMOO's comeback!

EXID are killing it with highlight medley for their 1st full album 'Street'!

EXID's upcoming 1st full album 'Street' is seriously no "L.I.E"!

It's full of 13 songs that are just killing it, just by the sounds of the highlight medley! Aside from title track "L.I.E", you can anticipate Solji's solo song "3%", Hani's solo song "HELLO", a full EXID version of "Only One", and more! 

Be ready for EXID's return, this coming June 1!

iKON look dashing in a blue filter for '#WYD'

D-3 until iKON's new digital single "#WYD", and YG Entertainment has gifted us with a group teaser image! 

The boys manage to look incredibly dashing in that fuzzy, blue filter, and it looks like the upcoming track is the work of YGE's resident hitmakers, KUSH and CHOICE37!

This is gonna be good, so stay tuned for May 30!

Son Ho Young drops full tracklist for upcoming mini album

g.o.d's Son Ho Young has dropped the full tracklist to his upcoming mini album!

Son Ho Young will be returning solo for the 1st time in 5 whole years, and fans are eager to see just how much he's matured as a musician! The title track for his comeback, "May, I", was also revealed to have been specially composed for Son Ho Young by singer/song writer Yoon Jong Shin!

Watch out for Son Ho Young's return on May 23!

JYJ's Junsu asks fans to guess which song will be his title for 4th album 'XIGNATURE'!

C-Jes Entertainment has released the tracklist for JYJ Junsu's 4th album, 'XIGNATURE'! 

But there's a catch! The label has asked fans to guess which track from the list of 13 randomized song titles is Junsu's real title track! You can go here for more information about the Facebook event, where fans can participate for a chance to win a signed CD! 

No official date has been announced for Junsu's 4th album release yet, but it's definitely very soon! Who's excited? 

Oh My Girl release a second version of their 'Liar Liar' MV!

Oh My Girl have surprised us with their "Liar Liar" MV version 2!

The girls, who released their official MV for "Liar Liar" back in March, have taken on adorable, in sync dancing with roller skates for a 2nd MV!

The second version of "Liar Liar" is a must watch! Check out the clip above!

Seventeen gift fans with a 'Dear Carat' version dance practice clip of 'Pretty U'!

Seventeen know how to do fans service alright!

They've released a brand new dance practice clip of their currently promoting title song "Pretty U" - a "Dear Carat" version! That's right Carat, this one is especially dedicated just for you!

Brighten your day with Seventeen's "Pretty U" above!

Lovelyz release 'Destiny' MV!

After much debate for giving Lovelyz a comeback song title of the same name from their labelmates, INFINITE, the MV has now been released!

And... it's everything fans could have wished for! The song, in typical Woollim fashion is very well produced, with vocals spot on and catchy melodies.

Check it out above and let us know your thoughts below!

TWICE releases MV for 'Cheer Up'

After releasing teasers, the lovely ladies of TWICE have officially returned with the release of their MV for "Cheer Up"!

"Cheer Up" is an appropriate title because fans are happy when seeing their favorite group in a music video. It's also appropriate because the girls wear sports-related attire similar to cheerleaders.

Check out the MV above!

Seventeen releases MV for 'Pretty U'

The boys of Seventeen have returned with the release of their music video for "Pretty U!"

Their popularity keeps growing and you can see why with their talents on full display in the music video. As further proof of their popularity, they sold an impressive 150,000 copies of their first official album 'LOVE&LETTER' just in pre-sales!

Check out the MV for "Pretty U" above!

Seventeen want to tell you how pretty you are in new MV teaser!

Seventeen are ready serenade you with a lively pop song called "Pretty U," the teaser for which was released couple hours ago! 

You can check out the teaser right here, which shows the boys just having a good time and wreaking havoc around town. The melody is a fun and energetic, light pop track that will get you up and dancing right along with the Seventeen members!

Wonder Girls' Lim and Bernard Park serenade fans 'With You'

Wonder GirlsLim and Bernard Park are serenading fans with their romantic duet song "With You".
The two labelmates held a mini fan meeting, where fans of the singers got to enjoy a live performance of JYP Nation's first duet match single. Fortunately, all of you can enjoy it above as well!

VIXX are somber and brooding in concept film for 'Zelos'

VIXX have released the concept for their upcoming album 'Zelos,' and it's everything dark and mysterious. 

In the short one and some seconds, it's unclear exactly what is going on, as we are allowed only brief visions of the members despairing...the deep meaning of life? Or maybe agonizing over the pain of love. The set kind of give off an 'Ex Machina' vibe, especially the way the mannequin body parts are strewn around. 

What are your thoughts of this video?