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Zico teases upcoming collaboration with DEAN and Crush, 'Bermuda Triangle'

Block B's Zico has released another teaser image for his upcoming collaboration track with Crush and DEAN!

The three hip hop and R&B stars have come together for "Bermuda Triangle" as already revealed by Zico. The rapper made the post below on Instagram with the message, "Official teaser D-1," reminding fans that the song is coming soon!

You can expect Zico, Crush, and DEAN's "Bermuda Triangle" on November 28!

'This Week, My Wife Is Cheating' team celebrates BoA's birthday on set!

BoA seems to have some awesome co-workers on the set of her drama, 'This Week, My Wife Is Cheating'

BoA, whose birthday is November 5, uploaded a video on Instagram that shows the staff and actors of the drama celebrating her birthday with a cute birthday cake and a song! The person holding the cake seems to be actor Lee Sang Yup, who is also starring in the drama. He sings, "Happy birthday, dear Writer Kwon," referring to BoA's role as a TV show script writer in the drama. 

BoA wishes for the drama to be successful before blowing out the candle and looks super happy to be loved by her staff members. In the Instagram post, she wrote, "Surprised~~ Our staffs are the best~ Thank you~ Early birthday cake~"

Happy birthday, BoA! 

Kahi updates fans on her post baby recovery!

Kahi shared how she is doing after having a baby! 

On October 21 via Instagram, she uploaded a selfie with the caption, "Time passes by very quickly. Postpartum care. 2 weeks at the postpartum center flew by. I should rest well for the last week. Everyone, take of yourselves." 

Kahi sure looks well rested in the photo, and even though she just had a baby, she glows in her makeup look

The singer gave birth to a healthy baby boy earlier this month! 

Jinyoung also reveals thoughts on wrapping up 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds'

B1A4's Jinyoung also took to his Instagram after the final airing of KBS2's 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' to reveal his thoughts on wrapping up the production. 

He said, "I would like to thank everyone who loved 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', a production that I found difficult yet sentimental but which will remain in my heart~ I would also like to thank all of the actors and staff, who worked hard despite the hot weather~ It will be a very good memory~ I also thank and love everyone who loved Yoon Sung~ Yoon Sung, I hope you find good love in heaven~" 

We'll miss Jinyoung and the rest of the cast of 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds'!

Baby Daebak from 'Superman is Back' gives kisses to IOI's Jung Chae Yeon

IOI's Jung Chae Yeon received much love from baby Daebak!

On October 17, Daebak's mother Lee Soo Jin shared an adorable picture of her son and the idol star. In the photo, Daebak is spotted in Jung Chae Yeon's arms, giving her smooches on the cheek. And in the caption, Daebak's mom wrote, "Chae Yeon noona who Daebak deeply fell in love with. #You're so pretty. #Kisses #See you again next time."

Bada rumored to be creating her own agency with her boyfriend

Singer Bada was rumored to have left her agency in preparation for her own one-person agency run by herself and her nine-year-younger boyfriend.  

She personally addressed the reports via Instagram on October 17: "I was also a bit shocked when I saw the report that just came out.  It is not true that my boyfriend and I made a one-person agency.  I'm writing this because fans seem concerned.  It is true that the 1-year original contract with The Ocean Entertainment ended on good terms.  I'm still mulling over my future plans.  

"I will prudently think about it and make a decision, so all of you, I'd be grateful if didn't worry too much and kept giving me support in the future and watching over me.  I'm always grateful for you fans."  

Stay tuned to see which agency she will join!

Fans are expecting 'Fantastic Baby 2.0' from G-Dragon's latest Insta post

G-Dragon has posted a mysterious Instagram post that fans are taking as a sign of Big Bang's promised comeback!

He simply posted black-and-red hair on cloth, and fans are jumping to the conclusion he is hinting at the group's comeback, which was promised to be in November by YG Entertainment.  Because of the colors of the hair strands, many fans are seemingly expecting "Fantastic Baby 2.0" as the style is reminiscent of that era.

What do you think?

2NE1's Park Bom says she misses her fans in her return to Instagram

2NE1's Park Bom has made her return to Instagram.

It's been more than two years since Park Bom last posted on her Instagram account (harooboomi) with more than 1.6 million followers. Well now, she has made her return to Instagram with the creation of a new account (newharoobompark). This was made official as she posted the Instagram account on her official Twitter page.

She wrote, "I started up Instagram again~~ I want to see our fans again ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was wondering what photo to upload and I suddenly thought that the Moonshot and Jellypot one would be good... So, I went to see what better photos I took and then Kyang I uploaded this photo that they took of me."

Donghae writes a letter to his fans from the army on his birthday

Donghae wrote to his fans from the army.

October 15th was Donghae's birthday, and it also marked 1 year since he enlisted. He wrote a letter to his fans and posted a photo onto his Instagram. He wrote,

ELF, how are you doing??!!
It's Super Junior's Donghae. Today is October 15th, my birthday, and also 1 year since I enlisted. Now that I look back, it's already been 1 year since I told ELF, I'll be back soon!! Every day, I think absout when I'll see you again and I get excited. When I first enlisted, everything was something I was experiencing for the first time, so I thought a lot and worried if I could do well, but now I think I'm really doing well!! ^^ I'm doing well with all the love ELF are sending me, so don't worry!! We'll meet soon, so wait just a little longer!! Don't get sick!!
I'll be back healthily.
I love you, ELF.
To ELF on my birthday and 1 year anniversary since enlisting.
Lee Donghae

U-KISS' Eli joins Snapchat!

U-KISSEli has joined Snapchat!

His groupmate Kevin snapped that Eli had joined the photo sharing app. A lot of K-pop stars are already using the service, such as f(x)'s Amber, Kevin, Epik HighBTOB's Penielmiss A's Min, and more.

You can see add him on Snapchat @elikim91!

Baekhyun reveals an adorable baby photo of himself

Baekhyun uploaded a baby photo of himself!

He posted, "I fooled around since I was young #Dumbo #TwistDance". The baby in the photo is big-eared indeed and the Dumbo tag fits him perfectly. Baekhyun looked just as adorable back then as he does now, and he looks like he was just as hyper, too.

Check out the photo below! Isn't he just so sweet?

Red Velvet's Yeri sends gift to close friend Kim Sae Ron on set of 'Witch Exemplar'

Actress Kim Sae Ron and Red Velvet's Yeri are really close friends, for those who didn't know!  So the latter showed her support for the former's drama by sending over a coffee cart!  Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

On July 1, Kim Sae Ron shared pictures on her Instagram of this fact along with her thanks.  You can see the tight friendship and the love sent with the coffee cart in these pictures!  There are even pictures printed of them together put onto the cart.  

Meanwhile Kim Sae Ron is hard at work on her drama 'Witch Exemplar'!

U-KISS's Jun makes his own Instagram!

U-KISS's Jun is celebrating the release of their "Stalker" release by opening up his own Instagram account!  He announced as much via his official Twitter.

Now you can follow this cutie throughout his day as he uploads pictures of himself.  So far he only has two pictures up but they're already pretty awesome.  You can follow him, so that his number can increase from thousands to millions!

Follow @ukiss_jun97!

Sulli answers why she actively used SNS

Sulli has spoken up about her active SNS usage.

On May 27, K STAR reported that they were able to talk to Sulli at a fan sign event, before she closed her Instagram account. K STAR asked, "Is there a special reason why you are so active on SNS?" To this question Sulli simply answered, "Because it's fun." 

Meanwhile, Sulli has been frequently making headlines for controversial posts on her Instagram. However, she is no longer using SNS, after she closed her account on May 18. 

Kim So Hyun shares pictures from her chic 'Nylon' pictorial

Kim So Hyun has released pictures from her recent 'Nylon' photo shoot via Instagram recently - and, of course, she looks super good in every shot.

In the photo shoot, she roams around Taipei, taking on street fashion that ups her natural sweet looks as well as her maturing chicness.  She looks comfortable in jeans and trousers, looking like a tourist who would turn heads no matter what country she's in!

Look below.

MONSTA X drop mysterious teaser

On April 22, MONSTA X dropped a mysterious teaser through their official SNS accounts. 

The post simply read, "The Clan 2.5 Part. 1 '#LOST' revealed! COMING SOON",accompanied by an eerie teaser photo.

Many fans speculate that MONSTA X will be making a series of comebacks, suspecting that because of the "2.5" in the title, the comeback date will most likely be this coming May 2. 

It looks like May will end up being one happy month for Monbebe! Stay tuned for more on MONSTA X!

A fan enters BTOB's Eunkwang in a prize drawing and Eunkwang's name actually gets chosen

Upcoming event Seoul Dessert Fair has been carrying on several rounds of Twitter giveaways to allow fans to earn free tickets, and it looks like BTOB's Eunkwang will be attending, albeit seemingly against his will! 

On April 21, @seoul_dessert took to their Twitter to reveal, "Hello, this is Seoul Dessert Fair. It seems that for the following event's random name drawing, idol group member Seo Eun Kwang nim's Twitter id, mentioned by a fan's retweet, has been chosen... T.T"

A few hours later, Eunkwang took to his Twitter personally to inquire about his alleged prize win, writing, "@seoul_dessert Excuse me, I heard that I won a prize from a giveaway event, is this true :'D"

The Dessert Festival retweeted, "Yes, your twitter id, written on a fan's twitter profile, was randomly chosen. If you like desserts, we've love to invite you as a VIP guest for our Seoul Dessert Festival... We have the most desserts of anywhere else in the world, so please visit TT And we apologize for inflicting discomfort this late at night." 

Eun Kwang replied with, "No need to apologize! I should be thankful kekeke. If I have some time the day of the festival, I'll come visit, whoo hoo~"

Fans have found the event hilarious and adorable, saying, "His life is a sitcom kekekeke." 

Maybe Eunkwang's life really is a sitcom!

EXO's Sehun becomes an ultra-rich Instagrammer with another million in followers

Congratulations to EXO's Sehun!  He has gained another million followers on Instagram to have a total of... believe it or not... six million!

*whistles* That's a lot.  Congratulations to Sehun on attracting so many people onto his SNS.  Fans congratulated him through his latest post down below.  You can follow him to see what the hype is all about @oohsehun!

Can you lip-read the lyrics to VIXX's 'Dynamite'?

VIXX has released lyrics spoilers for their upcoming single 'Zelos'!

The title song to the single is "Dynamite", and the members mouth the lyrics to the title song through their Instagram videos. Check out the videos below! Can you get all the lyrics?

Even if you can't, the boys will be releasing the song on the 19th at midnight KST, so stay tuned!

Sulli is not wearing any underwear in her recent Instagram update?

On April 16, Sulli updated her Instagram with a video and a picture. She is spotted wearing an oversized white blouse with a dandelion in her hand. Several fans are amazed by her gorgeousness, while some netizens are once again disturbed by her post. 

This time netizens claim that Sulli is not wearing a bra underneath the shirt. Some even say that she's not wearing any bottoms. The reason is due to her oversized shirt, loosely covering her in the necessary places. Evidently, in her photo, her left shoulder and even a bit of her chest is shown.

Netizens wrote, "Hul, she's not even wearing a bra", "You're out in public. Please get your mind together", "Is she not wearing a bra? Eh.. but gotta admit. She is pretty",etc. 

What do you think of Sulli's outfit?