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War between Taeyeon and sasaeng in possession of her number continues

Girls Generation Taeyeon's previous post expressing frustration toward late night calls from sasaengs evidently had no effect in relieving her of some of her harassments. 

On April 14, fans spotted Taeyeon letting out frustration on her Instagram once again toward sasaeng fans whom, according to Taeyeon, are continuously calling her at 3 minute intervals, day and night. 

In her posts below, Taeyeon remarked, 
"Can I please sleep..." 
"Please stop"
"Can I please sleep..."
"Every 3 minutes... And for the past few days regardless of day and night... if I'd known they hated me this much
"I must've made a mistake, I thought it was a welcoming opportunity, and wanted to open up"

After research, fans of Taeyeon have gained information that a sasaeng who obtained Taeyeon's number messaged her on Kakao Talk first, then when she read the messages, began calling her. Taeyeon once picked up to exchange a few conversational words and greetings, but afterward, the sasaeng spread Taeyeon's number among other sasaengs, arriving at the current situation. 

We hope Taeyeon can change her number, or phone companies altogether, soon. 

Jin Goo relays his thoughts on the conclusion of 'Descendants of the Sun'

Alas, KBS 2TV's 'Descendants of the Sun' aired its final episode today!

Hence, on April 15, actor Jin Goo posted a thank you message on his Instagram to relay his thoughts on the conclusion of the very popular drama.  He said, "Everybody who spared no love for it for two months, I was very happy thanks to you.  I was able to gather you all through 'Descendants of the Sun.'  Even if I die, I won't die."

He then delighted everybody with cute aegyo in the video!  While shooting hearts at his fans, he said, "I love all, all of you - the viewers who loved 'Descendants of the Sun,' the actors and staff members, and even the reporters who wrote positive things about it. Thank you."

Sulli shares gorgeous photos with Hara

Can you tell Sulli and Hara apart from each other? Of course you can! But for those who are not familiar with them, the two beauts may seem like one and the same person.

Sulli uploaded a bunch of cute selfies of her and Hara on Instagram, and it looks like the two girls had a ball doing what girls love doing the most: taking pictures of themselves. As Sulli and Hara share a similar hairstyle, are wearing similar colored lipstick, and making the same blank expressions, they almost look like twins! 

What do you think of these gorgeous selfies of two gorgeous gals?

Fans are touched by this sweet letter shared by EXO's Suho

The EXO maknae Sehun wasn't the only one trending on Twitter on this glorious Monday; EXO's leader Suho had also climbed Twitter's trending chart, all for an incredibly sweet note he wrote to EXO-L's. 

From translations of the lengthy note that are circulating on social media, it looks like the gist of it is Suho thanking EXO-L's for showing him love and support for his movie 'Glory Day,' the beautiful Kim Jun Myeon Gallery that fans specially designed for him, and simply for sticking it out with EXO through all the ups and downs over the past four years. 

Jun Myeon, how sweet! 

Seventeen to send fans a 'Love Letter' in their first album

Seventeen is gearing up for a comeback with their first full length album!

The boys uploaded a photo of a bottled letter floating in the sea onto their Instagram and wrote, "#SEVENTEEN #FIRST_ALBUM #LOVE #LETTER #20160425". There's no details about the release except that we're getting it on the 25th, it's the boys' first full album, and the title will most likely be 'Love Letter'.

Check out the picture below and on their Instagram and stay tuned for more!

Sulli and Choiza kiss in bed

Sulli got netizens going by posting photos of herself in bed with Choiza on Instagram.

On April 9, Sulli shared the two intimate photos below of herself and her boyfriend doing a little smooching under the covers. Netizens have been getting increasingly critical of the supposedly inappropriate, sexual posts she's been making on Instagram, and they're definitely having a time with this.

Netizens had a few opinions, commenting, "They're just posting photos of each other on SNS because they love each other. What's the problem," and "Do you really have to show your fans these kinds of pictures?"
In related news, there are rumors that Sulli and Choiza have already broken up, and Sulli is posting photos of past times on SNS.

Song Joong Ki pushes his schedule back to celebrate a special moment in his friend's life

Recent pictures of Song Joong Ki attending the wedding ceremony of his middle school friend is trending on social media! 

Song Joong Ki, looking especially handsome in semi-formal wear, went down to his hometown of Daejeon to attend his friend's wedding and congratulate him. Throughout the ceremony, the actor was seen amicably greeting each guest who came up to him, snapping pictures with everyone who had the courage to ask.

The actor was revealed to have even pushed back his scheduled events in Hong Kong in order to attend his friend's wedding. I mean, it's unsurprising considering how sweet and loyal the actor is, right? 

Sulli looks happy with her 'love' and 'treasure' Choiza

Sulli has just uploaded her Instagram with adorable pictures of herself with beau Choiza that'll put no doubt in your mind that they are still insanely happy together.

She wrote short messages like "My love" and "Treasure" with the pictures of them smiling together.  In one, she even plants a kiss on his face.  They definitely give off the vibe that any other ordinary couple does, don't they?

Solo artist amused by Eric Nam's handsomeness leaves a comment on Instagram

Eric Nam has even made popular R&B/hip-hop artist Crush fall madly in love with him. 

On April 6, Eric Nam updated his Instagram with several photos of him in a beautiful cherry blossom scenery. He looks incredibly adorable, so much that even Crush couldn't help but find amusement in Eric Nam's overflowing charms! The artist left a short but cute comment as he wrote, "Wow...........", on one of Eric Nam's cherry blossom photos. 

Recently, Crush revealed himself to be a fan of Eric Nam on MBC's 'I Live Alone'. The two stars were almost the same age, but portrayed contrasting lifestyles. Unlike Crush who seemed untidy, Eric Nam looked and acted like a star both in and out of his house. During the show, Crush was mesmerized by Eric Nam's handsomeness, commenting, "I think Eric Nam can even make a guy fall in love with him." 

Bromance alert! What do you think of the new developments between Crush and Eric Nam?  

Netizens beg Choiza to take Sulli to the hospital after her latest Instagram post

Sulli strikes again on Instagram!

On April 4, she posted a picture of her stroking a butt clad in only a bright pink bikini bottom on a poster while staring into the camera.  Because of the suggestive nature of this picture, netizens stepped up once again to leave comments about how "bizarre" this SM star is getting.

The top three comments read, "Choiza, please take Sulli to the hospital," "Can someone please take her to the hospital.." and, "Really, even if it's not treatment, she needs to receive something like mental counseling.. Her boyfriend probably isn't enjoying stuff like that with her, right?..;;"  Other comments are similar in thought, going, "Why is she consistently like this.. what about her image.." "No matter how many bad comments are left here telling her to do this or that, there's only praise if you go to Sulli's Instagram ;;" and a more severe "Pervert girl.  Horny bitch."

Seohyun's cute aegyo has zero effect on Taeyeon

Girls' Generation's maknae Seohyun is just dying to go see the cherry blossoms so it sure would be nice if someone went with her right? How about the leader Taeyeon? Alas, Taeyeon is probably the biggest homebody of all homebodies, which means that you know...going out is not really her thing. But that didn't stop the cute maknae from trying all the same! 

Seohyun commented on a recent Instagram post from Taeyeon, asking the leader to be her date to go see the pretty cherry blossoms. Taeyeon, unmoved by the makenae's aegyo, only replied, "I can see the cherry blossoms when I research them on the internet. Why should I go out when they can come to me?

Seohyun, ever persistent in her determination to bring Taeyeon out of her room, wrote, "lolol I still can't give up!! let's go see the cherry blossoms the cherry blossooommms please take meeeeehhh." 

Taeyeon didn't budge not even a millimeter, and asked the maknae, "Do you not have any allergies or something?" Seohyun replied, "Not at all~~you don't either ~~lolol" Taeyeon simply replied, "Pour, fall, pelt down^^." 

Taeyeon, it can't kill you to go out every once in a while, especially with such an adorable maknae like Seohyun! 

Have you seen CNBLUE's adorable baby pictures?

CNBLUE provided fans with a cute surprise!

On April 1, pictures of little Yonghwa, Minhyuk, Jonghyun, and Jungshin were revealed on CNBLUE's official SNS. Their baby pictures are placed next to their new album teaser images. It shows how the adorable babies grew up to become handsome idols.

Currently, CNBLUE is gearing up for a comeback with new album 'BLUEMING', and these adorable baby pictures are bringing smiles to many eager fans.

Wonder Girls' Lim and Bernard Park release teaser images of JYP duet match!

It was recently announced that Wonder Girls' Lim and Bernard Park are to be the first pair for the JYP duet match. And the JYP official SNS account just revealed the teaser images of their first duet song, "I Can See You"!

Sweet romantic vibe illuminate from the Lim and Bernard Park couple. The first collaboration of JYP duet match is to be released on April 3!
Are you excited to hear Lim and Bernard Park's duet?

버나드 박 & 혜림 <니가 보인다> Teaser Image
Bernard Park & Hye Rim Teaser Image   

Kang Dong Won even turns fierce YG-mate CL into a shy, blushing girl

YG Entertainment colleagues, CL and Kang Dong Won, have met!  And it's an explosion of awesomeness.

We gotchu, gurl.  Kang Dong Won could turn even the fiercest, baddest female of K-Pop into a shy girl.  She posted a picture of the two together on March 31 onto her Instagram. They have their heads leaning against each other and smiling cutely into the camera. Notably, CL has her face covered with her hands, looking adorable.

Dance trainer leaves heartwarming message for all the trainees on 'Produce 101'

Dance instructor Bae Yoon Jung uploaded cute pictures of herself posing with 'Produce 101' trainees on her Instagram, as a way of saying farewell to them after being their coach and mentor. 

Along with the pictures of them making 'V' signs and posing chummily together Bae Yoon Jung wrote, "Though there are only 22 of you in the picture, even the ones who aren't in the picture worked hard! Your bright future awaits so I'll wish to meet you all again after you debut. Fighting until the very end!

Bae Yoon Jun may have had the contestants cower in fear at her blunt criticisms and 'tough love,' but from that message, it seems like she's a total softie who cares very much for all the 'Produce 101' contestants. 

마지막수업끝나고.. 5개월동안 고생들많았다 비록 사진은22명뿐이지만 지금없는아이들도 다들정말고생했어~!! 앞으로 미래가 꼭 있기에 다들 멋진모습으로 데뷔하고 만나기를 바랄께 마지막까지 화이팅! #프로듀스101 #마지막수업#배윤정