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Kang Ha Neul and Hyeri to play love interests in new drama?

Actor Kang Ha Neul and Girl's Day's Hyeri might unite in a new drama!

A report came out stating that the two received casting offers for new drama 'Picnic' and were close to confirmed for the lead roles.

Regarding this, the drama's side stated, "Kang Ha Neul and Hyeri are positive in talks for drama 'Picnic,' which will air on MBC."

Do you think they look good together?

What do the cast of 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight' promise to do if they reach their viewership rating goal?

The cast of 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight' talked about what they would do to express their thanks should the drama go over 5% in viewership ratings. 

Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon promised, "If the viewership goes over 5%, then we will wear the same costumes from the drama and enact a fight scene at the exact place we filmed the fight scene." No takes backsies, Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon! We will remember that promise! 

Kwon Yool, on the other hand, said, "We will think very carefully about [what we can do for the viewers] and announce our decision at a later time through [the drama's] official Facebook page."

Some fans revealed what they personally wanted to see, yelling out, "How about riding roller coasters in ghost costumes??" and, "Free hug event!"

At the free hug suggestion, Kwon Yool remarked, "If the drama goes over 10%, then Taecyeon will hold a solo free hug event."

Yoon Sang Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun also in talks for 'Shopping King Louie'

Previously, it was revealed that Seo In Guk might be joining a new romantic comedy series entitled 'Shopping King Louie'!  It turns out that actors Yoon Sang Hyun and Nam Ji Hyun may also be acting in the drama.

Recently, reps from MBC stated that the three of them received offers for the drama, but they were still in negotiations. Hopefully, the drama will be able to give good news soon!

In that vein, Nam Ji Hyun's agency, Soop Entertainment, stated that she was positively reviewing her appearance in the series!

A Pink's Namjoo returns for the female lead in 'Detective Alice 2'!

A Pink's Namjoo has returned for another season of 'Detective Alice'!

On June 8, Plan A Entertainment announced, "A Pink's Namjoo has been chosen to play the main female character Chun Yeon Joo in season 2 following her role in season 1. Namjoo received many compliments for her successful actress debut, and she is going to continue playing the female lead of the series." 

Along with Namjoo, actor Jo Dong Hyuk will also be returning for 'Detective Alice 2'. 

Former 'Produce 101' contestant Lee Hae In joins cast of '1% of Anything' remake

Former 'Produce 101' contestant Lee Hae In will be kicking off her acting career through the upcoming remake of drama '1% of Anything'! 

Lee Hae In will be playing the role of Soojung, Ha Suk Jin's younger sister and an idol trainee. 

About landing the role, Lee Hae In relayed, "I'm very honored that my first acting role and my first drama will be through '1% of Anything'. With the first filming date coming up, I'm very nervous, but I'll do my best to turn these nerves into energy and not become a hinderance to the piece." 

Jeon So Min confirmed to act opposite Ha Suk Jin in '1% of Anything' remake

Actress Jeon So Min has been confirmed for the lead opposite Ha Suk Jin in the remake of upcoming drama '1% of Anything'!

Her agency, Entertainment IM, stated on June 7 that she will be the female protagonist Kim Da Hyun. Regarding this, the actress stated, "In the past, whenever I saw the drama, my heart had fluttered.  When I got the offer, I, in a good mood, decided to appear. I will do my best to bring to life the lovability of Kim Da Hyun, which many people are expecting."

The drama will be 100% pre-filmed with the goal to air in Korea, China, America, and Japan all at the same time! 

Who does Hani pinpoint as the coolest member on 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'?

EXID made a welcome, surprise appearance on the June 7 broadcast of 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' to cheer on the members of the show's volleyball team. 

The volleyball team were down in Busan for their second away match following their match in Jeolla Province. As soon as EXID stepped into the gym, the teammates couldn't help but rave in unison at the sight of the girls. 

When Kang Ho Dong asked Hani which member she had her eyes on, she picked Untouchable's Sleepy, saying, "He may look like the weakest [member] but he's cooler than what you'd expect." 

Han Ji Min to return to the small screen through new tvN drama?

Actress Han Ji Min is in talks to join new tvN drama 'With You Tomorrow'!

A representative of tvN recently stated, "Han Ji Min has been offered a role in new tvN drama 'With You Tomorrow'. Currently, we are in discussion."  This new fantasy romance drama portraying the story of a time traveler and his wife is scheduled to begin airing in September. 

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min's last drama appearance was on 'Hyde, Jekyll, and Me' back in 2015. Many fans hope to see her return to the small screen soon!

INFINITE's L to make his acting debut in China?

Who wants to see INFINITE's L make his acting debut in China? 

According to TV Report, INFINITE's L has been cast as the lead male actor in upcoming Chinese drama 'Black Cat'. He will be playing the role of a top actor with a sweet, warm personality who pours his heart out for the lead female actress.

AOMG crew to host 'SNL Korea 7'!

The hottest hip-hop artists have set out to take over 'SNL Korea 7'!

On May 31, tvN associates reported, "AOMG's Jay Park, Simon D, LOCO, and GRAY will be appearing on 'SNL Korea 7' as the hosts." This is the first time ever that all 4 AOMG artists have come together for one show. 

In the past, Jay Park stunned viewers with his outstanding performance during his time with the SNL crew.

'SNL Korea 7' hosted by the AOMG crew is scheduled to air June 11!

Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, and more gather for 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight' script reading

Pictures from the script reading of tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama, 'Hey Ghost, Let's Fight,' have been dropped today!  The drama is set to premiere on July 11, but before that, you can see the actors like Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, and Kwon Yool get into character in the pictures below.

Other actors include Kim Sang Ho, Kang Ki Young, Lee Da Wit, and more.  The drama centers on exorcist Park Bong Pal who captures ghosts for money with the help of a female high school student ghost named Kim Hyun Ji, who remains on the world because of her grievance that she didn't get to take her college entrance exams. 

It will air after 'Oh Hae Young Again'!

Crush prepared for the space out contest by watching TWICE

Recently, R&B artist Crush took the victory at '2016 Han River Stare Off Into the Space Contest'. Then, on the May 27 broadcast of 'I Live Alone', he let viewers in on the secret to winning the difficult contest. 

The contest stated that charming males and females would randomly intrude in front of the contestants to create interferences. The contestants must endure these interferences and maintain a low heart rate. 

After discovering this portion of the contest, Crush decided to build resistance to charming interferences by watching TWICE! But while he started off nicely, he couldn't help but smile in the end to TWICE's "Cheer Up". 

It must have been tough trying to resist TWICE, but it seems like the hard practice paid off after all!

Go Ara, Park Seo Joon, Hyungsik, Minho, and V's drama 'Hwarang' decides on premiere month

You know how drama 'Hwarang' kept saying it'll be premiering at the second half of the year and we all innerly kept thinking that'd be maybe August or sometimesoon out of hope - just asap, please?  Well... prepare for your dreams to be crushed.

The highly anticipated, all pre-recorded historical drama, starring your faves like Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, Hyungsik, Minho, and V, will be airing... pretty much at the very end of the year.

KBS revealed on May 18, "'Hwarang' will be broadcast in December.  However, it is uncertain whether we'll go with a Monday-Tuesday or a Wednesday-Thursday time slot." Yeah, cause we really care about that.  December, did you say?!

Well, then... The drama first started filming back in March and plans to wrap up at the end of next month.  It will also feature cameo appearances by Sung Dong Il and Lee Kwang Soo, so it's pretty much bursting with your favorite actors and idols alike!  Stay tuned for the premiere... in... December...... You can do it!

'Lucky Romance' show how Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yeol first met

MBC's upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Lucky Romance' has unveiled still cuts of the first meeting between Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yeol!

The filming took place at a casino where, despite being indoors, Ryu Joon Yeol wears sunglasses to look cool and confident.  Hwang Jung Eum makes an appearance as a part-time worker who gives out drinks, grabbing attention in her sexy one-piece. However, there's an unexpected plot twist as Ryu Joon Yeol cleans up dirty dishwater spilled on the floor and Hwang Jung Eum transforms into a cleaning lady.  This scene was filmed in the middle of April, depicting the first time Hwang Jung Eum, the part-time working machine, meets the Chief of a game company.

Looks like you can expect a lot of laughs from this drama... The production crew asks for a lot of excitement for the drama, which will air on May 25!

Tao tries his hand at an intense thriller genre in 'Edge of Innocence'

It's official. Tao has proved that he can not only sing, dance, rap, do martial arts, and variety but that he can also can act. 

In a trailer for 'Edge of Innocence,' directed by Chang Jung-Chi, Tao falls for a girl with a dark, possibly dangerous past. He tells the girl that he will accept her no matter what she's done...but would their love be able to hold up as the mystery starts unraveling? 

You'll have to find out the answer when this thriller hits theaters on July 8. 

What workout does Seolhyun do often to maintain her figure?

AOA's Seolhyun revealed her trick to maintaining her great figure on the April 29 installment of 'Laws of the Jungle in Tonga'!

While she was exploring with Byung Man Jok to find fruits, Seolhyun discovered watermelon.  Holding it, she started to do squats.  She revealed, "I always used to do squats frequently."  She then put down the watermelon and went into full-scale squats. Seeing this, Chansung complimented her with, "[The form] is perfect."

Sungjong likewise attempted to do squats with Chansung watching over his form, but it was too hard, causing laughter. (Doing squats writing this right now.)

MBLAQ's Seung Ho to release his first solo single through drama!

After years being active as an idol, MBLAQ's Seung Ho finally got the chance to release a song as a solo artist! 

Seung Ho got the opportunity through 'When One's Home Is Happy,' as he was chosen as the fourth singer to sing the a part of the drama's OST. The song is called, "Say You Love Me," and it's a soft piano-based melody with rumbling string instruments mixed in. 

"Say You Love Me" was composed by Kim Bum Joo, the same producer that brought you OSTs for 'Kill Me Heal Me' and 'Marriage Contract.' 

The track will be released on April 23, check out a preview of the song in the clip below.

Top stars Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Dong Won, and more kick off new movie with ritual

K-entertainment's hottest stars, including Lee Byung HunKim Woo BinKang Dong Won, Uhm Ji WonOh Dal Soo, and Jin Kyung, have come together for their new crime action film 'Master,' directed by Jo Ui Seok

The actors and film crew all gathered for a gosa (ritual in which food is offered to spirits to avoid bad luck and misfortune), and pictures of them chummily posing together at the ritual were shared on April 22, the day right before 'Master' beings official filming. 

'Master' will be about a special criminal investigative division's endless hot pursuit for a notorious con artist, who somehow continues to escape the clutches of the law. 

Seo Kang Jun only has eyes for Seolhyun

And the shipping of Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun continued on the April 22 airing of 'Laws of the Jungle,' so if you're a Seo Kang Jun X Seolhyun shipper, you're going to love this! 

When the crew asked him which member out of AOA was his favorite, guess which member Seo Kang Jun chose? 

Seolhyun of course! Seo Kang Jun said without a moment's hesitation, "Obviously it's SeolhyunThere's no one but Seolhyun.

Seolhyun had a cute smile after he said it, check out the clip below.

Youngji spotted filming a kiss scene for upcoming drama 'Another Miss Oh'!

Our KARA maknae Youngji's lips have been stolen! 

On April 21, DSP Media revealed a still cut of Youngji filming for her new  tvN drama 'Another Miss Oh'! For her role, Youngji has transformed into a part-timer at a convenience store, carrying out a quirky, 12-year gap romance with co-star Heo Jung Min

Catch Youngji on 'Another Miss Oh', set to premiere May 2!